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  1. Me again...

    Found a clean used PC version available locally, and was wondering if the PC-E was worth the extra $$$. I know about the electric aperture on the
    PC-E. Are there any significant optical differences? Tilt/shift issues? The application will be table-top studio shooting.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. I own both the 85PC and the 24PC-E, and on the D3, there's less hassle working with the PC-E, since it will close down the aperture automatically, but you already know that. I'm not quite sure whether that works with older cameras, though.. The only notable difference between 85PC and 85PC-E is the addition of 'Nano Coating' which should produce images with better contrast, but I've never found the 85PC wanting in that respect. I haven't tried the new 85, then, but the one I have is nothing short of brilliant. I certainly don't consider upgrading.
  3. Thanks. I've worked a deal at a fair price and I meet the seller this afternoon. No reason not to jump.
  4. Thanks. All my metering will be done with the histogram anyway. I've worked a deal at a fair price and I meet the seller this afternoon. No reason not
    to jump.
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    The PC-E's auto aperture only works with the D3, D300 and D700 (not sure about the D60 and D90, introduced this year). On older bodies you'll have to control the aperture from the ring on the lens.

    Check out Bjorn's comments:

    He likes both on the D3, but the new PC-E version seems to be better.
  6. Notice that there are no Nikon extension tubes that can be used with the new lens.
  7. And THAT (extension tubes) is not surprising, since the only extension tubes made by Nikon date from prehistoric time when dinosaurs roamed the world! (God knows why anyone would need extension tubes for such large subjects, but anyway..) Pleeeeease let us have new ones!
  8. I didn't see a reference to the size of the objects photographed. And in any case, there may be a need for the occasional
  9. Bjorn has no shortage of superlatives for the PC version, and that's good enough for me. Anyway, I can get the PC for roughly half of
    what the PC-E is selling for. Doh!, no brainer...
  10. In fact, I decided to keep my PC 85 and skip the 85 PC-E. One could argue that the new lens is better in some respects, but not with everything, and whatever difference there is just doesn't warrant the price difference (if you already own the older lens).
  11. I decided to keep the non-E version as it can be used with my F4 (my favorite for macros) and is compatable with the latest Kenko extention tubes.
  12. Just picked it up, looking forward to learning it this weekend. Next picture will be through it, not of it.
  13. First attempt, just guessing, looks darn good to me:
  14. Detail 1
  15. Detail 2
  16. Detail 3
  17. Detail 4
  18. Detail 5
  19. Dan, what is this? A dental drill?
  20. A light gray Limited Edition M16 A3 carbine made by Nikon..?

    : )

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