85mm f2 rokkor

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  1. Of all the SLR lenses I own, Minolta, Nikon, and Leica, the champion, imho, is the Minolta MD 85mm f2. The lens has especially beautiful color rendition, and is sooolo sharp. And has a good amount of je ne sais quoi.
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  2. Anyone else have a favorite Minolta lens?
  3. The 24mm f/2.8 VFC Rokkor. Foolishly sold it during a consolidation from multiple 35mm SLR systems to only Nikon many years ago, Irreplaceable today: while a nifty lens, I can't justify the going collector price to use it again on a digital mirrorless cam. Just not a focal length that sings to me any more.
  4. I have a few I really like.

    **MD Zoom Rokkor 24-50mm 1:4. Very versatility and convenient when wanting to carry only one lens. Only slight down side is it is a little heavy. But the XK onto which it is set isn't a lightweight.
    **MC Rokkor-PG, 58mm 1:1.2. Again a little heavy, but a good stand alone rig if I want control options. I presently have it on an XE-7.
    **I have an 85mm as well. Great portrait lens. Curiously enough it is: MD Rokkor-X 1:1.7. Again, a larger lens with heft. Reminds you it is well built just by picking it up. Don't know if any meaningful difference between 1.7 vs 2.0


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