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  1. Someone here recommended Rollei Retro 80S as a good film for Minox. Fine grain, nice tonation, and good speed. So, I just reloaded four cassettes. We'll soon find out.
    Anyone else using 80S?

    80S Reloads.jpg
  2. What is the ASA rating of Rollei Retro 80s ?
  3. ASA 80. Interesting you use ASA instead of ISO. I grew up with ASA so it just rolls off my tongue. So does Centigrade and CPS (cycles per second as opposed to Hertz).
  4. I have used 89s in the Minox and 35mm as attached. I developed it in a mix of 1ml Rodinal + 1ml HC-110 in 240ml water stand. I rated it at the box speed.
    My minox strip remains to be scanned.
    Have fun as it is a good film.
    Arches monpazier.jpg
  5. That looks really good! I haven't had a chance to try mine yet - hopefully soon. Thanks!
  6. Just got to dig out my IIIs and load some film. Trouble is I have so much Ilford Pan F old stock (expired in 2010) that I don't want to buy any more film. I've been exposing it at ISO 25 and developing in HC110 at dilution 1:60 as a one shot. Usually leave it for 13 min. @70F with 2 inversions every 2 min.
    We moved house in May last year and I finally found my 16mm film and my Mamiya 16 Supers. The trouble with the Mamiya 16 cameras is the hard to find film cassettes. I've have just 4 and only two of those are the metal ones.
  7. Rollei Retro 80(S) (S)ynthetic is an Agfa Gevaert aviation type film. Indeed high resolution but quickly a high contrast which you have to control with a low contrast type developer. In most developers it is around iso 50. It also has extended Red sensitivity, in fact you can use it for I.R. photography at very low iso rates (1,5) with a RG715nm I.R. filter.

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