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  1. Someone here recommended Rollei Retro 80S as a good film for Minox. Fine grain, nice tonation, and good speed. So, I just reloaded four cassettes. We'll soon find out.
    Anyone else using 80S?

    80S Reloads.jpg
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    What is the ASA rating of Rollei Retro 80s ?
  3. ASA 80. Interesting you use ASA instead of ISO. I grew up with ASA so it just rolls off my tongue. So does Centigrade and CPS (cycles per second as opposed to Hertz).
  4. I have used 89s in the Minox and 35mm as attached. I developed it in a mix of 1ml Rodinal + 1ml HC-110 in 240ml water stand. I rated it at the box speed.
    My minox strip remains to be scanned.
    Have fun as it is a good film.
    Arches monpazier.jpg
  5. That looks really good! I haven't had a chance to try mine yet - hopefully soon. Thanks!
  6. Just got to dig out my IIIs and load some film. Trouble is I have so much Ilford Pan F old stock (expired in 2010) that I don't want to buy any more film. I've been exposing it at ISO 25 and developing in HC110 at dilution 1:60 as a one shot. Usually leave it for 13 min. @70F with 2 inversions every 2 min.
    We moved house in May last year and I finally found my 16mm film and my Mamiya 16 Supers. The trouble with the Mamiya 16 cameras is the hard to find film cassettes. I've have just 4 and only two of those are the metal ones.

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