7x17 film holder dimensions ?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by smieglitz, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    The following film holder specifications were recently pointed to on an earlier
    thread in this forum:


    I'm wondering if anyone has the specs for 7x17 holders? I'd like to attempt
    making a 7x17 camera but would like it to match any applicable current

    If there is no standard, I'm hoping someone might be able to supply actual
    measurements (width, length, distance to light baffle tab, distance to exposure
    field, T-depth, etc.) from an existing holder they may possess. Thanks.
  2. Joe,
    I am thinking to do the same thing - build a 7x17 film holder.

    Here is a site that has the dimension, I am not sure if it is 100% accurate or not, but I think it is very close.

  3. No such thing as a standard 7X17" film holder. They are all different, from the older
    Korona and Folmer and Schwing ones, to todays holders made by AWB, Lotus and

    To repeat, there is no standard. You make the camera to fit the holder, or you make
    the holder to fit the camera.


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