7D Mark II this time next year?

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  1. My 50D just bit the dust... I was waiting for the 5DMarkIII to upgrade but at that price and no video AF I cant justify the price....
    You guys think that in a year the 7D Mark II will be out?
    What should I replace the 50D with?
  2. Short answer, nobody knows. There will of course always be new cameras, but nobody knows anything about the specs, timing, or pricing until Canon makes an official announcement.
    Unless you want to sit around waiting for a year camera-less, you have to buy whatever is available. In your case, there are a number of great cameras available,either the 7D (which is a step-up from the 50D in terms of speed, handling, and gives you an advantage in high-ISO situations) or the 5Dii which will slower in terms of AF and frame-rate, but delivers exceptional image quality.
  3. Sounds like you don't need a camera since you'd be prepared to wait a year for a 7D update. In that case you might as well just sit around and wait. Who knows what will be released by then.
  4. Interesting perspective. I would almost expect the 7D to be basically cropped version of the 5DIII, except with a pop-up flash. In other words, I would expect a new 7D to have the new 5DIII Af system.
    Aside from the sensor, the one thing the 5DIII has that the 7D does not is the new primo AF system. So. . . the question to ask. . . . would the potential upgrade to the AF system be worth it?
    Otherwise. . . what are you doing for a camera in the mean time?
  5. Refurbed or used 60D or 7D or 50D while you figure it out.
  6. What should I replace the 50D with?​
    Canon PowerShot G1 X. It even has video with AF for around $800. Cool!
  7. lol... Is there an EOS adapter for the G1X?
    I dont need a camera, does not put bread on the table... But yea, ill end up buying a refurbished 50D or a 7D and hope the 7D MarkII has the Video AF... Getting video of an F1 car coming in for a pit stop is not easy with manual focus...
    I live in Egypt so its not easy for me to get a new or used camera here....
  8. The 7D was basically a flop, I think alot of people are going to opt out for a 5D II or a 5D III if the price ever comes down.
  9. Depends, do you plan to blow this next one up with a home made battery as well..
    then go for something used or a 550.. :)
    otherwise i love my 5d2
  10. The 7D was basically a flop​
    That flop has given me nothing but great pictures in the last 1.5 years.
    Happy shooting,
  11. It still makes me laugh how the OP never mentions a 7D but some idiot allways has to bring it up and slag it off. The 7D is a lot more complex and needs time to get to know it. Maybe these people who slag off the 7D need to get a point and shoot and use it on Auto, because the 7D is obviously too complicated for them.
    I photographed my first live gig last month and shooting at ISO 1600 I was amazed how clear the images were. Sure there weren't many keepers with the low light but none the less I was very happy with the ISO performance.
  12. You could condor buying a cheaper consumer body (e.g. 60D) and waiting. On the 7D I am not convinced this was a flop. In 2010 it captured almost twice the market share of DSLRs that the 5DII did and outsold the Nikon D300 by almost 3x. I have a 7D among other bodies and it is a good camera - it is almost identical to my 5DII in size and construction and while the APS-C sensor does not have the same IQ as the 5DII the 7D has much better AF and fps.
  13. I was waiting for the 5DMarkIII to upgrade but at that price and no video AF I cant justify the price....
    I think if you are expecting a 7DII (or even the new 5DIII or 1DX) to have video AF - you may be waiting a long, long time. I haven't seen anything yet that indicates that the Canon DSLR's have done anything to address fast camcorder-like autofocus in video mode. I hope someone can prove me wrong as nice fast camcorder-like autofocus would be very nice to have in many situation. To take it a step further, I'm not sure if any DSLR maker has achieved camcorder-like autofocus integration yet.
  14. If your 50D just bit the dust and you want to wait for a camera that hasn't been anounced yet, then you'll be taking zero photos for an indefinite amount of time. I'd get something that is capable of making photos NOW, not in 2-3 years. Get another used 50D if you liked it. They can be had for around $500-600.
  15. Brad: I wrote what is below and then realized that for the AF system to work the mirror has to be down... and thus it cant take video and auto focus at the same time... Is that correct? This would also imply that while recording video the view finder is disabled, correct?
    Its been a long work day in Egypt so I may not be thinking straight...
    [How fast is fast? Cant the camera already do continuous auto focus of an object moving towards or away from the camera?]
  16. The 7D was basically a flop, I think alot of people are going to opt out for a 5D II or a 5D III if the price ever comes down.​

    I would love for Harry to defend his words here -- won't hold my breath though.
    Otherwise, that goes down as one of the silliest sentences I've ever read on this forum.

    As for the OP -- get a camera now -- anyone -- 50D, 60D, 7D, even a G11 for $400. The 7D is 2.5 years old now so for sure it'll be upgraded sometime next year.
  17. First of all am i wrong in believing my 5D2 does do video autofocus? What is it doing when i tunr on the face recognition when lens is in automode. Whenever it sees a face the square automatically recognizes and focuses on the face during recording. Is that not "autofocus"?
    In any case because I know how to manual focus very well by setting a large dof I.E. F16 and prefocusing to the area I know fast motion will occur. I can magically capture a fast moving scene with the 5D2 manual focus with no problems. I plan on selling my 30D and getting a 7D to compliment 5D2. I have no plans of getting a 5D3 or 24-70 F2.8II the costs of these items would make me go get a Nikon instead.
  18. My crystal ball says that a 7D2 will be out later this year, and that you're not going to like the price of it.
  19. If you have EF-s lenses then then it is better to stick with ASP-C cams 7 D is having a lot of options that most of
    people they pay for it and end up not using it.

    My friend has 350D and he is still doing great with it just don't be cam or brand oriented as they are endlessly
    Get your self any cam that's affordable and continue shooting.
  20. Harry- A "flop" in what way? It may have a steeper learning curve than others on the market and certainly has it's quirks-but it fills a niche like no other in it's price range and many an owner rely on it, myself included.
    To the OP-whichever camera you replace your 50D with will take as good a picture today as it will 2-3 years from now (in terms of IQ)-why would you go without, waiting for an upgrade that, due to inflation/currency valuation will likely cost more (on the surface) than it's predecessor?
  21. Lets be clear, the original question was if in the opinion of the members of the board the 7D II would be coming out in a year and indirectly if they though it would have the features mentioned (that the 5DIII did not have). I have always had planned to replace the camera in one way or another... Based on the information/opinions I would decide if it makes sense for me to buy a new 7D, used 7D or a used 50D and then buy a 7DII in a year...
    Even if i wanted to I could not easily and reliably go out and buy a replacement camera here in Egypt... I have to wait from some one to come from the States or the EU... And in the mean time i figured I would get the opinion of you guys... Much appreciated!
  22. Brad: I wrote what is below and then realized that for the AF system to work the mirror has to be down... and thus it cant take video and auto focus at the same time... Is that correct? This would also imply that while recording video the view finder is disabled, correct?
    Its been a long work day in Egypt so I may not be thinking straight...
    [How fast is fast? Cant the camera already do continuous auto focus of an object moving towards or away from the camera?]​
    You right, the nice optical viewfinder is of no use during video mode. DSLR video (at least for Canon) auto-focusing for objects moving towards or away from the camera is unacceptable - you will not be happy.
    The same goes for auto-exposure, you will see it ratchet through ISO or aperture steps in much too discrete steps.
    For something like fast car racing, any fast panning left or right will result in vertical objects (poles, posts, buildings) being very slanted.
    Shutter speeds will typically be between 1/50th ... 1/120th. That means a lot of light coming in during bright daylight - even at ISO 100 - which means small f-stops (be aware of diffraction) or the need for ND filters (expensive for UWA).
    Video with DSLR means needing to see the LCD screen which is a PITA in bright sunlight thus people often buy add-on loupe/shades or external viewfinders.
    To get the focus you want you would need to add a "follow focus" to your camera and manually focus! However, once you've mastered it even cheap used T2i would give you cinema-like footage. But you would need to haul around more gear and have time to setup the shots, etc.
    You can use the technique M.P suggested of going with larger f-stops (f/8, etc) and use wide angle lenses to get generous depth of field.
    Eventually a GoPROHD looks appealing eh!
  23. I just saw your latest response.
    If I were in your shoes and needed to replace a 50D and want video as well, I would try and find the best deal on a used 7D right now. The 7D has better video controls than the 5D2 and seemingly not much behind the 5D3. You already have lenses that fit crop sensors and IMHO, it's easier to find quality vs $$$ wide angle lenses for crop sensors than FF. The other option is a new (or better yet used) 60D. If you plan to do a lot of video the articulating LCD screen will be a big plus and the 60D has worked out a few audio kinks that troubled the T2i, 5D2 and 7D.
    My guess - and this is only a hunch - is that a follow up to the 7D will be out in the coming months. As others have said though, it will probably be spendy and thus the 7D will probably hold it's value. I could see the rumored 24MP in the 7Dii and T4i being played out by Canon. As long as the noise is kept under control they would be nice cameras but more MP's than really needed for anything but large prints and cropping - all of which are photo but not video perks. I'm sure they'll address the jello, moire and other DSLR video problems but they may not go far enough in those models to justify waiting for them. However, they might add high frame rates and even more compression which would be great for slow motion and overall video sharpness.
  24. Thx Brad
  25. The 7D was basically a flop​
    I don't want to speak for Harry, but I would imagine he meant the appearance of the 7D II was a flop.
  26. How can the 7d be a flop when it outsells its competition in that class of cameras? It is still the top dog in the pro-sumer compact cropped body. Nikon has yet to match nor beat it yet after 3 years. Where art though D400?
  27. Ken Papai:
    even a G11 for $400.​
    I used to own the G10 and G11. Get the G12 instead. It's fallen in price to around $425 CAN. I have had the G12 since November 2010 and it is usually the first camera I grab when travelling or when the DSLR and lens is a bit much to carry.
  28. Andres,
    I have both a 50D and a 7D, and I strongly second Brad's nomination of the 7D. I really like the 50D, but have rarely used it, since buying the 7D just over a year ago.
    Resolution, viewfinder, high-ISO performance, AF, and overall feel (almost 1-series, with the excellent Canon battery grip), are all superior to the 50D, in my experience. And then of course there is 1080p video, and frame rate choices of 24, 25, 30, and 60 per second.
    I am not particularly interested in when the 7D MkII will be released. The 7D is that good.
    The 5D MkIII and Nikon D800 are interesting. And I would love to make the foray into medium-format digital, one day.
    But the 7D is a great camera, and while everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I would suspect that anyone who would call it a 'flop' has never used one, or has failed to use it properly.
    In the words of Yakim, 'Happy shooting!'
  29. I expect the 7DII will be case of a few steps forward and a few steps backwards to fit into the Canon lineup. Like the 60D compared to the 50D. I am guessing it will be full frame, but at a lower frame rate and dumbed down AF.
    That way Canon will be able to push those that want a fast frame rate and top line AF to the more expensive 5D III, while having a somewhat affordable FF for the amatuer market.
    You heard it here first.
  30. The 7D is pretty amazing, but it is up to people to decide if it is $700 better than a 60D. IMHO the viewfinder, AF speed, AF modes, shutter, and the build quality make the 7D worth the money.
    The t3i currently has the most bang for the buck. Can the OP live with a pentamirror viewfinder? The AF system is not top of the line, but it is good enough for many things. Nobody picks up a plastic rebel with the lousy viewfinder and loud "Tweet!" it makes after every shot and exclaims "Ah this rebel is an amazing piece of engineering!" but the pictures are very nice.
  31. Why do I call the 7D a flop. It's not that I don't like the camera, I mean I own one and I love the pictures it takes, the way it handles and the robust feeling in my hands. The 7D was the camera that I have been waiting for a long time. So as soon as I got some money ala Tax refund check, I purchased one.
    Now I have been on this forum since Canon EOS-3 days and I can tell you that the 7D has not received the same accolades as that of the EOS-3. Has not even come close to the 20D, 5Dc not even the 40D. I remember people posting their pictures and proudly saying I shot this with my 5Dc or whatever. it has been virtually silent with the 7D not only on this forum but on other forums as well. The 7D was supposed to outshine the 5D II but that camera spawned and entire industry(Video).
    No harm intended, there are allot of nice features on the 7D but most are so complicated that you would have to spend a couple of months in jail to learn them all. I mean does anybody really have the time to sift through tons and tons of options, I don't.
    It's not only that it's the little things such as an LCD playback that is not really 3 inches. Big black ugly focusing points, unexplicable error 30 and error 40 's. Outrageously expensive battery and Canon still hasn't got the shutter thing right.
  32. "The 7D was supposed to outshine the 5D II but that camera spawned and entire industry(Video)."

    Wow, the video industry sure is pervasive considering it's only three years old.

    "I mean does anybody really have the time to sift through tons and tons of options, I don't."

    It's a matter of priorities. Some people would consider figuring out their camera's functions to be a higher priority than writing nonsense on web forums.
  33. Too many people have full frame fetish syndrome (FFFS) for the 7D to get much love. Other people's FFFS problems don't make the 7D's images any less good. I blame FFFS for the discontinuation of the amazing Sigma 50-150 2.8 and the Tokina 50-135 2.8 lenses. I also blame FFFS for the lack of EF-S L lenses.
    Programming the 7D joystick to swap AF points on the fly with no other button pushing is pretty slick.
    The 20D is very inferior compared to the 7D. A mediocre viewfinder, a very loud shutter/mirror slam, and lousy menu driven mirror lock up mechanism were not endearing qualities.
  34. Now I have been on this forum since Canon EOS-3 days and I can tell you that the 7D has not received the same accolades as that of the EOS-3. Has not even come close to the 20D, 5Dc not even the 40D.​
    Perhaps because people were too busy out shooting with their 7Ds to even think about spending a minute on a web forum? ;-)
    Either way, the 7D cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered a flop...
    To the OP: I own a 5D Mark II. Last week bought a 60D for a friend and have been putting it through its paces the entire week. I would say it is more than a worthy successor to your 50D. Fast AF, great IQ and a host of useful features. Most of all, it produces pretty clean files. Overall, a great photography tool. If my mind wasn't set on a 7D to pair with my 5D2, I would seriously consider getting a 60D for myself...
  35. 7D target crowd-Sports/action and wildlife.
    5D/5D2/ frame target crowd-Portraits/candids/street/Wedding/landscape/macro/nature and non-action wildlife. Full Frame Video which compliments a braoder range of lenses.
    Extrapolate this to forum participation on this website (and others) and I think it will be clear why it would seem people are more enthusiastic about their broader use full-frame cameras than something tuned for a specific market.
    Prior to the release of the 5D, wern't full frame cameras in the realm of the high end pro-bodies? This would explain why it seems more people were excited about the newest APS-C releases to that point.
    I can't speak for others, but when it comes to something as complicated as the 7D, I've found it best to learn the specific functions that allow the user to tune it to their needs and ignore the rest until a need arises.
  36. Has Canon ever turned one camera body series from cropped to FF? Like 7D (crop) to 7D II FullFrame?
    Lots of great info... Thx
  37. The 1 series had a mix of crop bodies and FF. The 7D and the 5D are both single digit Canons but different sensor sizes. The G series now sports a bigger sensor than past G series and the 60D was both down and up-specced compared to the 50D, so anything is possible.
  38. I was just thinking. What if the 7D II will get the same 61 AF point system of the 5D3? Yummy....
    Happy shooting,
  39. I am thinking that the 61 AF point system on a 7D-II is HIGHLY likely. More likely, in fact, than an improved sensor. . . but that's just me. I wouldn't be overly surprised at a flip out screen.
    I think you guys are REALLY underestimating the video market for these cameras.
  40. Fingers crossed for no flip out screen!
  41. I can't see why they'd "Mark II" the 7D vs coming out with an 8D? I'm not that familiar with the Canon sequencing though.
  42. It's hard to consider a camera like the 7D a flop. I think what happens is that any camera that is on that "consumer-pro" line like the Canon 7D (next step up was 5D Mark II at full price) or the Nikon D7000 (next step up was D700 when it was full price) has harsh criticism because they are great cameras at the "right" price, but are just missing that one or two extra bit of features of the full frame cameras. And the next jump up in price is another $1000. It's like if the 7D was full frame, it would be perfect. If the D7000 was full frame in a larger grip body, it would be perfect.
    I agree with an earlier poster that some of us (definitely not excluding myself), spend A LOT of time reading up and posting about these cameras while many photographers are putting out great work with these cameras whether they are full frame, 15fps, 40,000ISO or not.
    I read up to learn and post my opinions. But admittedly, instead of worrying about the next hot item 7 months from now, I'm lacking in simply shooting great photos with great composition, lighting, awareness, skill, etc. Yet, I'm still here... :(
  43. The 7D has made Canon a lot of money so why would they mess with it that much? I can't imagine they'll burn up a precious new model number (ie 8D) for a successor to this camera. I've seen some speculation / wishing for a FF version. Yeah, I could see 7Ds-like model but if I was in their Marketing dept the first question I would ask is "How much will it cut into my $3K+ offerings" that people will manage to find a way to buy anyways.
    A 7DmkII is a perfect place to roll out a newer, slightly higher resolution 1.6x crop sensor which has at least one stop better noise, spec the imager to address video issues (like they did with the 5D3), clean up any audio issues, add 60fps @ 1080p, make a few tweaks to the auto focusing system, dual card slots, updates for OCF integration, etc. Whatever sensor comes out in the 7D would most likely be in the T4i and 70D as well but staggered another couple of months or so (or vice-versa with t$i first).
    Also, with the 7D's crop imager being so close to the Super35 cinema format - it would seem that they won't want to mess with it too much (ie Full Frame). The video option has made them tons of money - in a down economy no less. Maybe the upcoming April Cinema EOS event will roll out a 7DmkII and a 7D cinema version or a 7DmkII and the first mirrorless 1.6x SLR with EVF. Throw in those new IS primes and demo a short feature made with them on a new crop DSLR or mirrorless and that would be like Canon.
  44. The 7D was basically a flop, I think alot of people are going to opt out for a 5D II or a 5D III if the price ever comes down.
    The 7D is basically the best crop body out there, with pro level features, speed, and a sensor that matches or exceeds the 12 MP FF sensors people like you were probably drooling over just a few short years ago.
    If that's a flop...
  45. Get a 60D
  46. OK... if wishes were horses or courses...
    I love my floppy 7D. "Math is hard." - Barbie. (give me a 2 page manual on math... on the 7D...)
    A 7D mark II dream in reality would be? Already mentioned: NO flipscreen (amateur hour). Increased MP from 18 to 22. One more DR of noise free (say from 800 to 1600). A few more AF points. Maybe dual card slots? Obviously an enhanced dual processor DIGIC. AF for video? I'd love that. AE for video too, I'd love that. Finally: GPS built in.
    Anything else? Nope. (also, please, remove the nearly useless popup flash, ick) (Wi-Fi built in is too pie-in-the-sky for Canon)
    Finally: the 7D is to the 20D (back to the "flop" claimant) what a 2012 BMW 535i is to a 2004 Ford Escort.
  47. I think the flip screen is great. Especially for videographers, but maybe they could take a D800/D800E approach because not everyone wants to pay much extra for the screen. Especially focused photographers who would rather that extra money go towards lenses.
  48. "The 7D was basically a flop..."
    It's been a 'flop' that has sold quite well for over 2 1/2 years and is highly regarded. As far as people proudly saying that they shot their pic with the 7D, just look at how many 7Ds there are on Canon Thursday. One of the differences may be that the introduction of new cameras has become less of an exciting novelty and people are looking for cameras that serve specific purposes, rather than buying for the excitement of having a new dslr. I'm still thrilled with my 7D as if it were brand new...although that 5DIII may be in my future at some point.
  49. Do not remove the flash! I do multiflash; I use the ST-E2. I love flash units. . . .but a popup on the camera itself is a HUGE convienience for "just a pinch of light" in select situations. For me, the pop-up is a huge selling point relative to the full frame cameras.
    Yes. . .an additional stop of usable ISO would be mandatory, no?
  50. For me, the pop-up is a huge selling point relative to the full frame cameras.​
    Indeed, especially when it is combined with a built-in master ability and a tiny but very capable 270EX II.
    Happy shooting,
  51. The existing 7D is a well designed and high-quality dSLR. I use mine as the primary for shooting weddings and portrait photography.
    Improvements/enhancements for a 7D Mark II:
    1. Vari-Angle 3" LCD (same as 3Ti)
    2. Larger quanity AF points
    3. Five or more frames for HDR with specific HDR function (same as Nikon D7000)
    4. Same processors as 5D Mark III
    5. Movie AF
    6. Twenty or more face recognition
    That's my wish list for the Canon 7D Mark II
  52. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
    Happy shooting,
  53. Just in case Canon is watching, many of us do NOT want a Vari-Angle LCD.
  54. I must admit that I have a canon P&S with a Vari-Angle LCD. Hardly ever take advantage of it -> except if I am pointing the camera at MYSELF.
    Although to be honest, I have become pretty skilled at dSLR self portraits, and rarely miss despite not being able to use the view finder to compose. It is a bit awkward with a flash attached. :) (no. . .I don't do this with a 85mm lens!)
  55. I always use the Vari-Angle LCD on my Canon PowerShot G12. I would definitely use it if it was available on any of the 1Ds and 5D series DSLRs. It comes in handy shooting concerts.
  56. One of the things I really liked in the A33 was the Vari-Angle LCD. Unfortunately, this and the AF in video mode was the only things I liked about it.
    Happy shooting,
  57. My advice is to move away from the 7D, except in the case the noise is not a matter of chose.
    Look to this photo @ISO 100 ( A cropped area )

  58. How did you manage to get that much noise?
  59. This is my stylistic in art !.

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