7D for $1428 Good deal or not?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by rjtully, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Anyone heard of "Click Go and Buy"? They have the Canon 7D for $1428. It is through Buy.com as listed in the Photography Bay newsletter? Searched for the name here and at Reseller Ratings but found nothing.
  2. Hmm.
    Much cheaper than Adorama or B&H.
    No record of them at Resellerratings.
    What could possibly make you ask if it's a good deal?
    Listen to your inner self -- "If it's too good to be true, then it's probably too good to be true" You ask here because you realize it is likely not a good deal.
    This is a purely theoretical assessment, but I wouldn't want them to have my credit card number, just from your posting alone.
    As I say, I know nothing about this particular outfit, but overnight name changes are one way companies stay ahead of the poor ratings. Some of the companies have a dozen or so names that they have done business under.
    When you track them down, they usually turn out to be a mail drop in Brooklyn or a loading dock somewhere.
  3. Amazon lists refurbs for $1449 and new for $1569 with free shipping. Why take a chance?
  4. Its possible that they will tell you the battery is separate and can be purchased for $399 or make you purchase a memory card for $129. If you don't purchase the memory card or battery at an inflated price your camera will never be shipped. This is what happened to me when I purchased my first dslr.
  5. That price is not too far from reality - Buy.com is VERY reputable indeed. Those are 'select' purchases at special price, available at random. In other words, a certain item may be available at the cheapest market price until supplies are gone and then, no more.
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    Ask them whether it is gray market or not. Also you can call B&H and see whether they are willing to match that price. If it is a legit deal, there is no reason that other major stores cannot match it.
  7. This sale does last until Aug. 21 or when supplies run out. For all I know, "Click Go and Buy" is simply a way of purchasing like Amazons Word phrase thing. Interestingly it also mentions purchasing through Amazon at $1509.
  8. Update! It is paying through Amazon, not purchasing through Amazon. Therefore the transaction is guaranteed by Amazon.
  9. But if you buy through Amazon, to get the protection you HAVE to PAY through Amazon.
    If they call you to wire the money or whatever, you have no protection through Amazon at all. Moreover, Amazon is not very good about weeding out these kinds of vendors -- one Amazon bargain sellers actually wanted me to send a money order to Transylvania (now in Romania) - sent some very official looking Amazon emails, which were all totally bogus. I notified Amazon about the outfit, but a month later they were still "offering" amazing deals.
    I would also note that buy.com itself has only about 5 out of 10 recently and 4 out of 10 lifetime ratings on resellerratings.com (link). This does not seem to me to merit a "VERY reputable" assessment at all.
  10. For such an investment, I would stick to reputable retailers. No point taking the risk seemingly to save a few hundred dollars. The heartache could cost you far more if it's a scam. I just came across this on Adorama: http://www.adorama.com/ICA7DR.html - legit reseller, $1,399
  11. I have bought many items from buy.com and never have had a problem.

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