7D and Focus Points

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  1. OK, so the 7D has 19-focus points, all cross hairs! The only way I found to change the focus point was to press the back button and the turn the front dial to move a point from left to right. And then use the back dial to move up and down. Obviously, this is a bit cumbersome (3 button/dials to move a focus pint). Is there an easier way that I can set up in a setting somewhere? For the record, I don't own a 7D, I am teaching a DSLR course and one of the participants has a 7D.
  2. Yes, there is. (fumbling through PDF manual on iPhone...)
    Custom Function IV-1 "Custom Controls". The owner can set the selection of the point to use via the 'joystick' control on the back. It's the control in the lower leftcorner of that screen. Manual page 217-218. When set, and the camera is set to use anything but all 19 AF points, the joystick is active, and you can select a point, zone, or expanded point.
    The 'Joystick' can even be used when selecting the point using the "normal" methods. Just use it instead of the two dials.
  3. Like Larry indicated, you can set up the camera to simply use the joystick to change AF points when AF is active. There is one gotcha: you can't be in 19-point auto select AF mode. The camera must be in one of the 4 other AF modes: individual, zone, expanded, spot, etc. I'm sure this could be changed with a FW update...
  4. Once you set the camera up this way, you won't go back-that toggle makes it really easy to reposition the focus point while viewing the scene or subject thru the viewfinder, it also allows for quick repositioning of the camera (and focal point)from landscape to portrait and back again. I feel it's a necessity for shooting action where the subject position can change relative to frame positioning. If you havn't done so already, look into setting the camera up for back button focus, just remember to set the shutter button for meter start only. These two functions combined are part of what sets the 7D apart for action shooters.

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