75 mm Super Angulon v. Fujinon SWD

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tedharris, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. For a number of years I used a Fujinon 75 mm SW. I stopped
    using it because its image circle was too small and it did not
    offer enough movement to meet my needs. I realize (and in fact
    hve frequently posted) that there are few differences between
    most similar examples of Schneider and Fujinon lenses.


    Having said that am I missing anythign in comparing these two
    lenses/ Anything that stands out in favor of one over the other? I
    know the specs of both and either will meet my needs. I'd love to
    hear from anyone who has used both. I am specifically
    interested in the Super angulon and the Fujinon SWD as I have
    an opportunity to buy used examples of each at a very favorable
    price. I am not interested in a 75 mm Grandagon or Nikkor
    unless someone is going to offer me one at $550 or less. I will
    likely test both lenses myself but would love to hear from ohters.





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