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  1. I just resceived a Super angulon 75/5.6 in a new synchro compur. What
    a beauty this lens is. It's however mountend on a linhoff board and I
    want to mount it on a recessed Cambo board. Basically not a problem
    but the back lens seems to be pretty stuck in the shutter, while the
    shutter is loose on the board (so I can turn the shutter round. (The
    front lens had no problem comming loose)
    Before I use unrepairable force ;-), I asume that with this lens it
    is the same as with all lensen, that you can screw loose the back
    lens from the shutter?

    Any tips on how to get the lens loose.

    I asume it is not a good idea to use some oil (just kidding) ;-)
  2. Turn the tap water on and get it as hot as you can. Then let the tap water flow over only the shutter, trying not to let the lens elements get hot.

    (Just kidding.)
  3. Actually, the rear lens does remove as you susgest. I have the same lens with a serial number around 10,xxx,xxx.

    You might take it to a repair shop who works on LF lenses and see what they can do. After that, Schneider?

    I also have a Schneider 150mm Componon-S enlarging lens that I would occassionally mount in a Copal 0 for close-up work. While I'm sure I was careful not to tighten it too tight, the rear lens element is now stuck. I took it to a repairman, and he was unable to get the element off. I may next try a different repairman. There's also Schneider.
  4. Actually you gave me an idea. As the front lens can easily removed, I can warm-up the shutter just a bit using a hair-dryer a the lowest power. Might do the trick.

    Any other tips are still welcome ;-)
  5. That thought occurred to me as well, but I didn't want to offer it as advice on the forum. I've never tried it. I would think that it would be a good idea to wrap the front and rear elements with a thick cloth or something as a heat shield. (Especially Schneider lenses, thinking about the "Schneideritis" that could occur!) I'm going to give it a try on my Componon.
  6. Hi Reinier-

    What has worked well for me is to use a sheet of rubber like a piece of an inner tube. These are sold in stores for removing lids on jars that are stuck much like your lens. They also have an embossed pattern to increase friction.

    Just place the sheet over the offending element and twist it off. You end up applying twice the force with little chance of harm. It works very well for lids on jars and lenses.

    If you want even more force you can try a strap wrench which is used by plumbers on chrome pipes and such where they don't want to damage the finish.

  7. combination of the two did it for me.

    I removed the front lens, slightly heated the shutter with a hair-dryer, then mountend the shutter in a bankscrew gently (covered with rubber), wrapped rubber around the backlens and gave it a short snap. Needed to do that twice, then it was loose

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