70mm, 616 roll and quarter plate sheet film

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  1. Hi Folks, any other nutters out there who like putting film through old
    I have started a web page to pool resources, essentially to get email
    addresses of anyone who wants to use one of the formats above, when
    we have enough people, I can get the distributor to run off a batch of these
    almost exstinct film sizes. Worth a go, I hope.
    The page is at http://licm.org.uk/livingImage/70mm_616_Rollfilm.html

    Failing that, has anyone got any of the above stock they want to get rid of?
    And some 125mm NATO-2 Aerial recon film would be nice too......
  2. Film For Classics in Upstate NY supplies film for many old camera formats. They have Imagelink HQ and FS stock in 105mm size which they can cut down and spool for various sizes. These include 120, 620, 127 and many others.
  3. Keith, I noticed on your website that the Efke 70mm are all unperforated. I occasionally use a Hassy 70mm back that will take only perforated 70mm film. If you can get Efke to produce 70mm perforated film, then I am in.
  4. Ditto on the 70mm perf film.

  5. Also have a new Hasselblad 70mm back, but for me there's no point using it for B&W, not having the tanks and reels for it.

    Had been hoping to load the 70mm with E6 64/100 ASA, because I wouldn't be processing that myself anyway. And using all the 12, 16, and 24 mags for B&W of various types and individual +/- developments etc.

    So what is EFKE producing in 70mm?

    I've been searching for 70mm on the www just now, also hoping that there may be a bulk interneg stock somewhere. (Kodak now suggest 160NC for internegs). But they do have 70mm x 100' rolls of "EDUPE", for a range of duplicating applications, variable by exposure and process.

    An interesting thread. Thanks, Kevin.
  6. Just visited the new site Keith, and so answered my own question about EFKE. It's their standard B&W products. I certainly agree with you on the quality of EFKE. I was introduced to it in Australia 20 years ago. And yes, it's a case of use it or lose it with all of this now.

    Will keep an eye on what's happening here.

    Thanks again, Kevin.
  7. Yeah, Kodak still makes a lot of 70mm, most special order. I don't think you need to find some small boutique E. European company to get 70-mil, we need to get Kodak to lower their prices to reasonable (around $100/ro, hell make it 90 since we're buying so much of it) with a 100-ro order.

    I'm trying to get more perfed stuff made, like Kodak 400NC and maybe some Tri-X and T-Max 400. E100G would be good too.
  8. The Efke stock produces quite dense negatives, so there's a
    place for it - if that's what you want. It suits me becasue it's an
    archaic emulsion and makes my old relics behave the way they
    would have wheb they were newer. Having said that...... if Tmax
    is what I can get I'll go for that, I'm quite capable of processing it
    on the hard side. Efke are, however, quite prepared to run a
    batch... but I'm still awaiting an answer on the perfed stock.
    Looks as if you are all Blad users!
  9. I have a 616, but I'd never use it, except for vintage stuff. I'd probably just buy a roll from Film For Classics in that case, a little pricey, but save the hastle. THey used to spool it from Plus-X, which was perfect, but unfortunately I guess they don't meet Kodak's minimum anymore. It would be quite possible that we could hook up with them to meet the minimum order for Plus-X 70mm, which gives a very vintage look, IMO.

    The reason I'm interested in 70mm perf is, again, I seldom, if ever, shoot 616. Most of the work I do is for clientele. I'd love to get an offer to shoot a prom in B&W or a themed dance, but people simply don't care for options that don't allow them to get it in color too, which means it's Portra or nothing in the 100-foot back. 100-foot backs are obviously not meant to be hand held shooting wedding candids, so in those cases, I am "forced" to settle for 45-55 shots in a 70-mm perfed back. Really, I don't think Efke or Kodak or anyone else making this sh it should care either way. WHat's it to them perfing 100-feet of film, 20 seconds of their time? I'm sure the machine that does it is an automated, idiot-proof model.
  10. Hi Folks again,
    sorry for the delay, it's taken a while for the emails to get around
    the world. Not good news I'm afraid, Efke cannot perforate 70mm
    stock. This is becoming a lonely quest! Sad, last October I rolled
    up at a heavy horse ploughing competition and mounted my
    1904 Sanderson on it's period tripod and exposed 3 of my last
    precious quarter plates (7 left now). I had a small crowd gather
    around me to watch the performance, and had to answer a host
    of questions. I will at least be able to chop down 5x4 plate for it I
    suppose.... The 616 collection have never left the shelf.
  11. Since I have never put my neck on the block photographically here, and having mentioned the event above, I have put up a pic of the beasties in question. The horses, not the Sanderson!

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