70-210 f4-5.6 versus 70-300VR - anybody compared them?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by simon_hickie|1, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Well, I've just been playing with my recently acquired 70-210 f4-5.6 (non D
    version). It cost all of 38 uk pounds. I did my usual tests - tripod, mirror
    delay, target 40 feet away etc. I'm astonished by the sharpness, colour and
    contrast from the cheap lens. This is not to say I now hate my 18-200 - It's
    still my walkaround lens of choice. However, for more serious tripod mounted
    stuff, the 70-210 would be my lens of choice at those focal lengths.
    Interestingly, the 70-210 also has more reach than the 18-200: 200mm on the
    18-200 at 40 feet is about equivalent to 180mm at the same distance on the
    70-210 - I know it's a feature of the lens design.

    Now, given my preference not to lug a tripod around, I'd be interested to know
    if anyone has compared the 70-210 (4-5.6) with the 70-300VR for those situations
    where I'm looking for higher quality than the 18-200 but don't want to / can't
    use a tripod. While sharpness is a factor for me, I tend to be more interested
    in colour & contrast (CS2 only goes so far in sorting low contrast & washed out
    colour without spending stupidly large amounts of time fixing things).
  2. Not an answer, but I have a similar, older lens 70-210 f4 AF. I find it very sharp, but slow AF.
    On the D80, hand-holding shots past 135 mm is difficult. I'm quite curious as to how it
    compares to the 70-300 VR as I am considering modernizing.
  3. I didn't test the two lenses side-by-side, but I had used the 70-210 a good deal when I got the 70-300mm VR AF-S. The 70-300mm was so good, particularly in the focal lengths that overlap, and VR made such a difference for hand-held shots, that I couldn't find any use for the 70-210, and sold it.
  4. I have to agree with Hector. I not sure that there is another lens out there that can give you more of what you want than the 70-300 VR. I to am consideruing selling my 70-210.

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