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  1. Good afternoon photo.net comunity.
    I am the proud owner of a new Canon 70-200 L2.8 lens. Just bought her at Ritz. However they did not have the instruction manual and gave me a 10% discount, which works for me. That's about $140, which got me the UV filter and left me with a bit of chainge.
    Any way, on this lens is, next to the AF/MF switch, is another switch that selects between 1.5m to infinity and 3m to infinity. Obvisualy this has something to do with the autofocus but can someone tell me what it does? I asume if you your subject is in between 1.5 and 3 meter you select the 1.5m, and if your subject is 3 meter away from you you go for the 3m.
    Just wandering what it does and I have not yet found it on the search area on this forum.
    Thanks in advance. BTW I do mostly portraits, in studio and on location, including low light.
  2. It limits how close the lens can focus. If you plan on shooting exclusively distant subjects (sports), it will help speed up overall operation. You avoid the lost time of having the lens miss focus, then run all the way to close focus, then all the way back out to infinity. If you want the lens to use the full range of focusing (all the way from 1.5M to infinity) then you set the lens to 1.5M. If you want the lens to focus between 3m and infinity, then you set the lens to 3M.
    FYI, not sure what Ritz's return policy is or if they'll charge you a restocking fee, but you can get that lens new at B&H for $1220 with free shipping. Ritz's prices have always been terrible (hence their bankruptcy).
  3. Thx for the quik response.
    And I knew it always happnens, there is always someone with a lower price. I was shopping arround localy and they were the only one having one in stock. Did not think to check online stores.
  4. One other note about Canon lenses with focus distance limiter switches: if the current focused distance is not within the range you select with the switch, AF will not work. For instance, if the lens is focused at 2m and you set the switch to 3m-∞, you won't get AF until you either set the switch to 1.5m-∞ or manually adjust focus so that the lens is focused at 3m or beyond.
  5. Thx. When my kids let me free tonight I will be playing arround with my new lens and "mannequin" in the studio.
  6. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    The function is particularly useful when shooting through a wire fence or glass - like for sports - where the fence is for protection from flying balls or pucks.

  7. As William stated, I also use the function whenever I'm shooting sports. Avoids accidentally focusing on a fence between you and the players (assuming the fence is closer than 3m) or the guy that just walked in front of you. If you're using it for portraits you may never need it.
  8. I've never thought of the fence idea, that would be useful. Apart from that, I just set mine with the closer focus limit and leave it there. Couldn't see an appreciable difference in focus speed, and didn't like the gotchas when trying trying to focus on something fairly close, without success.
  9. Thanks to all. I don't realy do sports, at least not yet, who knows? (although I am thinking now to try it once)
    I tried the lens on one of my birds in the birdgage, aprox 1.22 meter long gage, standing away just a bit less then 3 meters, so the bird was more then 3 meters away, but the case not. The wire from the case did not mess with the AF, cool.

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