70-200 F4L lens rattle?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by scott_cotner, May 28, 2006.

  1. I just received my new 30D and 70-200 F4L lens. While handling the lens, I
    noticed that when I rotate the lens, there appears to be a slight rattle from
    inside the barrel. (That is to say, when I hold the unmounted lens in my hand
    and roll it so that the mount and objective lens move up and down.) I called
    Canon and they said to send the lens in for repair. In another forum, a couple
    of people posted that they had the same noise, while two more said that they
    did not.
    The lens is within a 10 day defective replacement period from the vendor, but
    I do not want to go through the expense and trouble of exchanging it, only to
    get another copy with the same, or worse, problem. I also do not want to send
    the lens in for repair and get it back a month later with a note
    saying "operates within specs".
    I thought I would ask if there were enough owners of this lens on this site
    to get a consensus of whether this is abnormal with this lens. Any help or
    information will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have had one for about a year and a half. It didn't do it when I bought it nor. After a LOT of abuse (the barrel is now cracked) it still operates flawlessly with no rattles. <p>If you exchange it, does your replacement warranty period restart? If it does and you get the same problem, at least your better off with a longer warranty period. <p> Regardless, it sounds like a defect and it may cause additional problems that might end up at your cost to repair.
  3. My 70-200/f4 does make some noise. In fact I've just given it a shake. Yes, there is sound of movement; rattle would be overstating it.

    The lens does contain several moving parts and some play would be expected. Mine has given flawless service for over a year. Providing yours is giving the kind of results expected, I wouldn't give it a second thought.

    Hope this helps. Pete
  4. How exactly are you holding it? I have the 70-200mm F4. Off-camera, if I hold it horizontally and simply rotate it along it's axis (roll it) in place then there's a "clunck" at a particular spot as I rotate. If I shake it lightly where the rear of the lens stays mostly in place but the front of the lens shakes up and down from level to about 45 degrees then there is a significant rattle inside. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, not sure exactly what "roll it so that the mount and objective lens move up and down" means. If you mean holding it horizontally in the center (on the zoom ring) and then rotating my wrist back and forth so that both ends move up and down like a propeller then there's quite a rattle out of it (I took the lens cap and rear mount cap off to make sure it's not them moving around). I have mine almost a year now and it still works great.

    Hope this helps --Peter
  5. Have had mine for about 2 years and never heard a thing until today! Even then I've got to rotate the lens within a foot of my ear to hear the sound it makes. More like a quiet clock tick rather than a clunck or rattle.

    My feelings - dont worry.

    Best luck

    Myrddin Jones
  6. Hi, Scott

    I had dropped mine on concrete and the UV protect filter had shattered, but it did protect the lens from further damage. It would not auto-focus, and off to Canon it went. Appox. $150.00 later, it was repaired and returned back to me. Even after the Canon Service center had brought this lens back to factory specs, it too sounds like a "fine" watch movement when it is rotated next to my ear. I have had no more problems with this lens to date.

    A typical example of this L lens can be found here.
  7. I sell that lens and have one in the store. It makes a slight noise if I shake it. That is a normal noise with the lens barrel.
    If you buy local you don't have to worry about the expense of S&H.
  8. They all rattle with a good shake. AF drive trains are a lot looser than the manual focus
    mechanisms of yesteryear.
  9. Thanks to all for the quick and detailed responses. Apparently, the movement I described (perhaps "rattle" was too strong a term) is not uncommon and I will keep the lens and see how it works out. Since receiving the lens, I have had very little time to try it out since I am working 12 hour days. I hope to free up some time later this week.
    Peter Rowe - Yes, the motion you describe toward the end of your post is similar to the motion I was using although with considerably less centrifigal force than a propeller. Thanks for your response.
    To Chris Sloan - I would have loved to buy local, but all we have is one chain store with two local branches. I was amazed that they had in stock a 20D and a 17-40L lens. They did not stock the 30D or either of the lenses that I wanted. Their prices are as follows:
    30D - $1400 (I paid $1260)
    70-200 F4L - $740 (I paid $575)
    24-105 F4L IS - 1250 (I paid $1170)
    All prices for ordered merchandise are delivered, before rebates where applicable. Store delivered prices are plus 5% sales tax, for a total difference of $505. Bear in mind that I am buying sight unseen and waiting several days for delivery in either case.
    My all time favorite camera store, Carolina Camera in Greensboro, NC, closed it's doors recently after almost 60 years in business. I will always remember getting on his list and getting one of the first four Canon A-1 cameras he received when they were released. I can not help but think that the demise of that fine business was due, at least in part, to the proliferation of internet sales. The times, they are a changin'. Thanks for your reply.


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