6x9 Back for Cambo SC?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by bryan_simpson, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    Could someone please tell me what type of 6x9 back I need to get for my Cambo SC? Also,
    if anyone can recommend one back over another, that would be great. I'm new to large
    format, so thanks for any help.

  2. Hello Bryan,
    In my experience I put a universal rotating Graflok back on my Cambo SC and then use a readily available 4X5 Graflok 6X9 rollfilm holder. They also come in 6X6, 6X7 and a very rare 6X12 (but you will have to hunt for this size and it will be made by somebody other than Graphic such as Sinar or Horseman. These Graphic holders work well and are relatively inexpensive. The Graflok back also allows a bunch of camera accessories.
    If you want to stay with the original spring back on your camera then Calumet makes a series of rollfilm backs that will work but I have no experience in using them. These tend to be costly and I have heard a few negatives about them so ask around first.

    Hope this helps,

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