6x8 format: loupe? projector?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by frank_sheeeran, Oct 24, 1997.

  1. Is there any way to project 6x8 transparencies? <p>

    And more importantly, is there a better loupe suggestion than using
    a Schneider 6x6? <p>

    (Yes, still figuring out whether I deserve a GX-680...) <p>

  2. Please see my posting "Info on Kenco Precision Loupe 3x for 6x7" under Pentax 67. This loupe has an effective view field of 89 mm according to B&H. This is the loupe with the largest area viewed I have found so far. I have not decided to buy it myself yet but it seems to be a good candidate. B&H also have other loupes for ground glass viewing and large format.
    Please tell me/us if You find any other interesting loupe!
    Good Luck!/Mikael

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