6x8 back on RZ?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yefei_he|1, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, Folks,
    Is it possible to get 6x8 images on RZ or RZ Pro II? RB Pro SD has a 6x8 motorized back. I assume it can be attached to RZ via the RZ G-adapter like other RB backs. It seems that the opening inside the RZ body is similar to that of an RB Pro SD so it should allow for a 6x8 image to be projected onto the film plane. So I guess the issue is whether the G adapter has a large enough opening. The same issue comes up with the RB revolving back adapter, some of which only have an opening for 6x7, not 6x8. Does anybody know about this? Thanks!
  2. 6X8 on a RZ? No.
    6X8 only on a RB "Pro SD"
  3. Thanks. I read the same thing on a different forum. The G-adapter doesn't have a large enough opening for 6x8.
  4. 6x8 cm possible also with Pro-S and motorised back - later models already fitted with correct revolving adaptor and baffle. Early models need update.
  5. Wanting to buy a motorized 6x8 back, how can I recognise if the revolving adaptor on my Pro-S is of the newer (allowing 6x8) or older (6x7) type?

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