6X7 negative storage

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dave_cheng|1, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. I have accumulated a lot of negatives and transparancies as well.
    How do you store them? I like Print File archival pages but can't find
    the right size to store my 220 films shot by P67II. There are 21
    frames. Just wonder how you guys deal with this problem. Thanks.
  2. I gave up and just stuck with 120
  3. I use Hama item # 9057. If you cut the 6x7 film into stripes of three negatives, then you can have 12 negatives/transparencies in one sleeve, and one 220 film in two sleeves. These are clear sheets made from acetate foil so you could make contact prints without taking the film out the sleeve. You can store a lot of film in one binder using these sleeves.

  4. Dave, I use Print File 120-4UB. It holds 4 strips of 3 frames each. For 120, I cut the first strip to have two frames with a bit of leader for handling. The next two strips have 3 frames each. Then the last strip has two frames and also a bit of leader. I don't shoot 220, but it would be easy to accommodate 21 frames with two sheets of 120-4UB.

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