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  1. I recently started using 120 slide film and am really enjoying it.

    I have a light box on which I cut and sleeve the film.

    I use a loupe to look at the slides.

    However, I would really like a better way of viewing my slides.

    I don' t want anything as complicated as a slide projector.

    Instead, I was hoping someone might suggest a small slide viewer I can hold up to my eyes in order to view my 120 transparencies.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I would really love it if there is a product that lets me see the slides in their strip form; meaning, I would like to look at them as strips of
    four images and just move the strip through the viewer one image at a time.
  2. I am not sure if these would be of interest to you but a simple Google search gave 3 such viewers - http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalog?q=6x6+slide+viewer&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&client=firefox-a&channel=np&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=7301515712032657208&sa=X&ei=OV87UPXOG-eQ0AXjxIHoBg&ved=0CF8Q8wIwAg
  3. Not a common item. I saw a few old ones on UK eBay made by Paterson - Majorview 6x6.
  4. Carlos, I also would recommend the Paterson slide viewer - (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1950s-OLD...y_VintagePhotoAccessories&hash=item337b7e42c3)
    They crop up regularly on fleabay for a reasonable price. The optics have a low magnification, but will give a surprisingly acceptable image. If you're handy with DIY, it's a simple job to convert it to mains use with a low voltage mains adaptor which is much better than using batteries.
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    I think most of us started off with these things- often made by Reflecta- who I believe are still around-until deciding either to spring for a projector (more difficult now) or that you actually get a better impression of your MF slides using a corrected light lightbox and a decent 3x or 4 x loupe. All the ones I tried gave a completely false impression of the colour temperature. There's little point going to a lot of trouble with filters etc to nail the temperature you want then viewing it through a device that makes everything look too warm. Personally I'd rather scan and view my slides on a colour corrected display than settle for a handheld slide viewer device.
    However if you really, really want one of these then a google search on " medium format slide viewer" will get you a few to choose from.
  6. Of course these devices will give a warm (but nonetheless pleasing) impression of your slide, but they are for casual rather than critical viewing. I personally find the daylight illumination of most light boxes too cold for me, and they don't give an accurate rendition of what you will see when your transparency is projected with a tungsten halogen lamp.
    I too have found the slides a little too warm using a slide viewer, so I obtained some pale blue colour correction gel (1/8th CT if I remember correctly) and fitted a piece of this behind the screen of the viewer which neutralises the warmth of the lamp somewhat.
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    Carlos, thanks for this thread. I was looking for this too. I am about to get into using 120 slide film and i was looking for ether a view or projector and haven't been able to find anything.

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