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  1. Will the 6D work for a wedding? My setup would be either the 6D or 5D3 as main camera with the 5Dc as backup. Also have 2 CF cards, a 28-70L, 70-200 2.8L IS, and a 430 exii flash. I could spring for a 5D3 but would rather save the cash.
  2. Yes a 6d will be fine for a wedding ,your lens at 2.8 should do fine, the 6d is very good with light ,,the 430 your most likely
    going to want shoot manual , and you really should be prepared on the batteries for backup assuming you don't have
    several already I ues the enelopp on the 430exii as its all u can do, for the most part .The 2CF ,you have are they really
    fast cars because the 6D will eat up a lot of space and ,and processing is faster yet ,but if your cards are slow and less
    than 16 gig each you might have a problem ,but if course I'm assuming your indoors ,Are you using a flash bar ? You
    could also use a trigger for flash and use umbrella if your doing traditiional shots. The churches I ended up in when I
    started off in had a lot natural wood versus ,drywall and natural light and the 430exii left me doing a lot of editing ,if you
    can I would certainly make point to go to the place of the ceremony and get my practice shots in first for lighting ,you
    know ther are several non Canon flashes that can be slaved and follow the 430exii fo extra Light and for around 90 bucks
    there is one on Amazon and more places that have the same light power as the 580exII and have the exact same ports
    for using battery packs ,or other options I did this also, I have the 430exii and 2 of the 580exii and then I biugh tow knock
    offs and they are excellent I've been using the Neewer battery packs and they will fire the 580 equivalents right at 1500
    flashes full power so no missed. Shots. I tried a lot of combinations ,before I got comfortable doing a lot of weddings and
    lighting was always my biggest enemy , I hope you have a very successful time and if you want to consider an extract
    fllash ,I'll shoot ya link yiu ,know with the 580 kick off you can control the canon 430exii they are capable of keeping all
    canon flashes awake when you need them to be.
  3. Of course. I've shot weddings with a 350D. The old "it's the photographer, not the camera" cliche is very apt. A fast prime lens would also be a big help.
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    Will the 6D work for a wedding? My setup would be either the 6D or 5D3 as main camera with the 5Dc as backup. Also have 2 CF cards, a 28-70L, 70-200 2.8L IS, and a 430 exii flash. I could spring for a 5D3 but would rather save the cash.​
    Yes. A 6D in good hands will be fine. Good, practical value for money choice.
    You are stuffed if your 28 to 70 goes down – you have NO redundancy plan for your main working lens; that's bad business. Two cost effective options are 35/2 or 50/1.8MkII – I’d choose the 35/2. I like echo Jamie and I the idea of at least one fast Prime in the kit - and it doubles as redundancy for the Main Working Lens.
    You are stuffed if your Flash goes down - you have NO redundancy plan for your Flash: you NEED a second Flash: That's bad business too.
    I would always have more than 2 Cards, even if they are BIG cards.
    Crikey – it’s a ‘5D’ . . . ! (that's just one of my pet dislikes and nothing to do with business)
  5. I would recommend upgrading your flash. Keep the 430 as a backup or slave flash. Consider buying a 600RT (or a used 580EX II) AND an external battery pack, such as Canon's CP-E4. This will shorten the recycle times and extend the number of flashes before needing to change batteries. Buy a second battery tray so you change the whole tray quickly if you need it.
  6. The 6D won't take CF cards it uses SD so keep that in mind. Like others said equipment wise extra cards is the main thing you'd need. Some people like having large cards to avoid switching, I prefer having a ton of smaller cards so that if (knock on wood) one ever craps out on me I lose the least amount of images I can.
    Edit: The best solution to that would be the 5D Mark iii and using a CF and SD card simultaneously.
  7. Of course the 6D will work well as a primary camera for a wedding (as would a variety of others). However, your kit needs some considerable additions, so using the 6D over the 5D3 makes excellent sense.
    Your kit's key shortcomings are no redundancy in:
    a) Lenses
    b) Flash
    c) Memory (Both CF and SD - you also didn't mention capacity)
    d) batts?
    Ideally, your backups would replicate your primaries so that there would be no degradation when forced to switch, but some is better than none, and it appears you have none. Even a kit lens, or superzoom (FF) would be vastly better than nothing at all. Primes (as mentioned above) are an excellent choice because they can cover some very necessary focal lengths in a pinch, but also have a substantial advantage in speed when youre in the dark.
    Many 3rd party flashes are just as capable as Canon's selection assuming you aren't trying to do OCF setups. A Younguo flash, for example, may give you more power and capacity than your 430EX, at a lower cost.
    Luckily, you can spring for a 5D3, which means you can fit much of this into your budget if you go for the 6D instead.
  8. We used to shoot weddings with Yashica D 2 1/4 cameras.
    Why would you think any modern digital camera of half decent qualitiy might not be up to the job?

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