65 Years Ago - May 1951

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  1. Welcome to May 1951. Here is an article on which film to buy.
    Not workplace friendly.
  2. Ah, the good old days, when you could buy film by the mile.
  3. Let's go, Behind the Scenes.
  4. Time for a Coffee Break.
  5. Lloyd Varden shows us What's Ahead.
  6. Here is the New Products column. I have included the ads.
  7. Here is an article on photographer Imogen Cunningham.
  8. Here are some more camera equipment ads.
  9. Here are some dealer ads.
  10. Nice Marc, love the article on Imogen Cunningham...and that big aerial camera...wow!
  11. A veritable feast, Marc; for a change I sat and read the whole post from cover to cover, so to speak, the moment it arrived. Many thanks, once again.
  12. Thanks also.
    Lloyd Varden seemed almost rational in this month's post. Such was not always the case, as I remember ;)
  13. Tony - I am going to make an effort to include all the articles on photographers. They are very interesting.
    Rick - Glad you liked it.
    JDM - I think Lloyd just needs to break out of his shell once in awhile. Then it is back to his serious side.
  14. Another look into history. First Nikon booth in Atlantic City fair, material shortages because of the "international situation" (i.e. WWIII looming), Kodak in a record year, Brit film might appear in the U.S. - What a place in time.
    Something may be wrong - I cannot get to additional pages, only the first one.

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