65 Years Ago - June 1951

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  1. Welcome to June 1951. All material is from this month's Modern Photography magazine.
  2. In the first article Herb Keppler shows us how to use color in our 35mm cameras.
  3. Nikon cameras have been getting a lot of good coverage in the magazines. Here is an in depth look.
  4. Still confused about color photography? Here is an article to help you understand it.
  5. Here is this month's Coffee Break column.
  6. Let's go Behind the Scenes.
  7. Let's look at What's Ahead.
  8. Let's look at the new products.
  9. Here is the Camera Carrousel column.
  10. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.
  11. Here are this month's dealer ads.
  12. I do so miss Keppler.
    As always, thanks, Marc.
  13. JDM,
    I am enjoying reading some of his earlier writings. I remember his columns that I started reading around 1966 but this stuff is new to me.
  14. Keppler's early book on the Single Lens Reflex is still a classic.
    The later book on Nikon F is nice too.
  15. gib


    Interesting. I read the Nikon link. Very interesting. Thanks.
  16. Thanks Marc, a great accompaniment to my Sunday morning coffee. The background information on Nikon was fascinating, in particular.
  17. Thanks for posting these, Marc. The Nikon piece is very interesting.
  18. I thought that Nikon article would be a good read. Imagine reading it in 1951.
  19. Interesting set of articles. I really appreciate the efforts photographers made to get color images in those days. By the time I started taking photos Kodachrome was ISO 25 rather than 10. I had the convenience of color negative (first Kodacolor-X and later the C41 emulsions). My dad started shooting Kodachrome in 1955 when he bought a Voigtlander Vitessa L. I found the original sale receipt for it. Must have taken a long time to save up since he was working as a linotype operator for the local newspaper. Thanks for sharing.

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