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  1. I was curious which TLRs can shoot 6x4.5 format. Between the added
    number of shots of the 645 format, and the minimal cropping required
    to get a print I would really like to have a TLR that can shoot
    it.<br><br>Right now I have a Super Ikonta B folder for my 6x6 work
    and was hoping to get a TLR to go along with it. I previously had an
    Ikoflex which I enjoyed but got rid of due to mechanical problems.
  2. How would you view and shoot images both horizontally and vertically with a TLR with a non-square film gate?
  3. The Rolleiflex T accepts a 645 adaptor. I use it a fair bit. There are several options for shooting portrait format - either use the sports finder, or fit a prism.
  4. I would just be looking to shoot horizontal primarily. The fact that folders in 6x4.5 shoot vertical is the reason I went 6x6 with them.<br><br> I also would not care if the 6x4.5 conversion is permanent. <br><br>Can the adapter be used in Rolleicords? Where do you get the adapter and what is its cost?
  5. Does it have to be a TLR?

    I use a Minolta Autocord for 6x6 shooting and a Mamiya 645 Pro TL for 645. The Mamiyas are very reasonable these days. And you get interchanable lenses. I still like my TLR, but there are times when I like the flexibility of an SLR.

  6. Yes, there is an adaptor made especially for the Rolleicord Vb, with a replacement film frame counter and masks to fit over the fresnel screen and film gate. It is probably hard to find one of these, though.
  7. The adaptor for the Rolleiflex T or Rolleicord Vb allows 16 shots on 120 film with 5.5 x 4 cm, not exactly 6 x 4.5. This format also allows to cut 4 x 4 super slides very easy. The film mask has 4 cutting marks which can be seen on the exposed film.
  8. The Vb adaptor also works on the Rolleicord Va. The only difference is the finder mask. The Va has the older non-removable finder.
  9. Some of the Flexarets have that option. Just be aware that framing verticals with the WLF is an exercise in splitting headaches, ultimate frustration and amusement of photographed subjects ("Errrmmmm, we are HERE!").

    If I ever need to shoot MF-APS with a TLR, I will make a mask for the viewfinder and just frame whichever orientation I need using the mask (kinda like Mamiya RZ67). It won't give me the extra pictures per roll but that's only a small price to pay for the comfort :)
  10. Sorry, meant to say there's a Rolleicord one as well. I have one, but have never ctually used it.
  11. Just bought a 645 (and lots of other formats) adaptor for my Rolleicord Va on Ebay for 10gbp. Haven't tried it yet, but it's new in box. They come up quite often and not much to go wrong.
  12. Many of the cheap Chinese TLRs can be used as a 645. All you need is manual frame spacing abilities (with the little window on the back of the camera), a second window a little to the right of the other one to view the frame numbers for 6x4.5 on the back of the film, and a frame made of metal that you place inside the film chamber to cut a couple of millimetres from the top and the buttom to block the light on the top and the buttom of every frame.

    Of course, it is not too convinient if you have to make all these modifications yourself, but these cameras I said come with this option right from the beginning.
  13. The Lubitel 166U can also shoot 6x4.5. As said before though shooting anything but horizontal format is pretty awkward. I'd get a 6x4.5 folder any day.
  14. I ended up getting a Rolleicord. Hopefully I will get an insert for it. <br><br>Again I do understand the difficulty in taking verticals with a TLR. However, my tendency to only compose horizontally is the reason I did not get a 6x4.5 folder in the first place.<br><br>
    thanks all!
  15. The 16-exposure kit for the Rolleicord makes superslide images. The 16-exposure kit that came with the T makes horizontal 6 x 4.5 images. They aren't interchangeable. The T kit is great, I use mine all the time, the counter automatically switches, you just put the mask in the finder and in the film gate.

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