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  1. I have a 645 film back from hasselblad, this one is wiout the winding lever but with a circular winder, I tried to fit this back to my cameras, it do fit but it do not make the camera fire ?
    Could this be of a different camera series than the 500, pls ?
  2. Is the back marked "A16"? If so this is the 645 back for the 500 series. Which camera do you have? The H1 series were built as a 645 format. The 500 series is 6x6, but the A16 back lets you use it as a 645 camera.
  3. I have the 503CW & the 500C/M, I tried it on both of them but in both cases the camera do not fire when this back is attached.
  4. Does the back have an "A16" stamped on it? Most backs have a circular winder that you pull out and turn in order to advance the film to the first frame when you are starting the film, and then to wind it to the end when the film is finished. Have you checked to see what frame number is in the window or is it red? If it is red then you must not have wound the film to the first frame when you loaded it.
    Stupid question but you did remove the dark slide didn't you? The shutter is fully cocked, right? Have you tried a different back to see if the problem is with the body or the back?
  5. You must (!) remove the dark slide from the magazine.
    And reset the counter by turning the wind key anti-clockwise.
  6. This back do have one of the circular winders, I tried to wind the film but it did not show the number, and also I did remove the dark slide sheet but that also did not help to fire the camera, Yes the back do have A16 mark on it also.
    The different I was refering to , is the circular winder, on the other backs I have, they are like a lever which sleep on the side of the back while with this one it is a circular one one.
  7. Rest the counter to "1" by turning the wind key anti-clockwise.
  8. Dear Q.G. de Bakker , I do remove the dark slide from the magazine as I do with the other backs, with this one it is not making any difference when it is removed, the camera still not firing when it is attached to the camera, I already spolied 2 films with this back at a time where I did have no trouble with the other backs I have, also when I wind the film the number scale on the back do not indicate the number of the frames.
    Thank you a lot dear Q.G. de Bakker
  9. Dear Q.G. de Bakker , thank you very , very much sir, when I turned the the winder of the back anti-clockwise, it did give me number one and I attached it to the camera and the camera did fire and the did the same till I got to frame 16.
    Please does this mean, when I load a film to this back I also turn the winder to anti-clock wise and then attach it to the camera ?
    Thank you Sir
  10. Yes.
    You load the film on the insert, put the insert into the shell and lock it.
    Then open the peep hole cover on the rear of the magazine, and use the wind key to wind the film on until you see the number "1" appear through the peep hole.
    After that, you close the peep hole cover, turn the wind key anti-clockwise to set the frame counter to "1" too, and you're ready to shoot.
  11. Dear Q.G. de Bakker , I did load a film, turned the winder but did not see the number apperaing the side scale hole, please sir what is the peep hole ?
    Do you mean the small side scale counter hole, of do you mean the back of the magazine larger hole with all of the asa data on, please and is this magazine different than the other A16 645 one I have which do have the winder arm on the side ?
  12. I found it , the numbers on the back of the film paper sheet, thank you a lot.

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