645 AFD II vs RZ 67 Pro IID

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by andy_brehm, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. I will probably be entering the medium format world when the Mamiya ZD
    back is introduced. My understanding is that the ZD back will mount
    to both the 645 AFD II and the RZ Pro IID. I think that the 6x7
    format will be better for landscape photography, and though the ZD
    sensor wont be 6x7 format would it be better to buy into medium format
    now with the 6x7 format equipment then when a digital sensor comes out
    use it?

    Also, are there any movement options with the RZ Pro that are not
    avaialble with the 645?

    I guess one last question would be, what would the 35mm equivalent
    focal lengths be for the RZ 67 Pro?

  2. Also, are there any movement options with the RZ Pro that are not avaialble with the 645?
    Closer (bellows) focusing without accessories, and the option to use the Tilt/Shift Adapter. Both the RZ and the M645's don't have any movement built-in (unlike a view camera or the Fuji 680).
    I guess one last question would be, what would the 35mm equivalent focal lengths be for the RZ 67 Pro?
    The 65mm lens. Mamiya says it is actually equivalent to 32mm, but it is the next best thing.
  3. RZ has bellows focusing so you can focus quite close. I believe that there is 75mm shift lens and you can also use short barrel lenses (75mm and 180mm IIRC) with the tilt-shift adapter. But if you are really interested in full range of movements, think about getting a monorail instead.

    I do not think there are any movements options for Mamiya 645AF system (but check on Mamiya's website what they to offer).

    As far as getting the ZD back for RZ, your problem will be wide angle lenses. The widest rectilinear lens is 50mm (25mm in 35mm equivalent on full 6x7). Multiply that by the magnification factor for the ZD back and you are probably out of the WA range.

    35mm equivalents can be obtained simply by dividing the focal lenght of a 67-lens by 2. So 110mm lens basic lens is euqivvalent to 55mm in 35mm format.
  4. "movements options for Mamiya 645AF"

    You can use the Mamiya 50mm manual focus shift lens on the AF camera, and I'd think the Hartbley tilt/shift lenses would work as well.

    Used older model _RB_ systems are so cheap as to be almost free, so you could get one of those to see if you like working with 6x7 film and a large camera.

    The RB/RZ cameras are rather large and heavy cameras, though. (Not that the AFD is particularly svelte...)

    By the way, I really doubt that we'll see 56x70.5 mm digital sensors in our lifetimes. Full frame 645 with 30MP (which would be the same pixel size as the Canon 5D) is a possibilty if MF digital survives the competition from improvements in 24x36 digital.
  5. Don't hold your breath waiting for the ZD back either as plans to produce it has been postponed indefinitely by Mamiya, in other words, scotched.

    The ZD DSLR, however, is rumoured to be shipping in the new year.
  6. OTOH, other backs will be in the offering from other makers.

    This is an interesting question that I'm pondering myself. At this moment, there are some bargains to be had in used medium format film equipment. How can one best purchase bargain equipment now that will be useful in a digital future?

    There will be 3rd party digital backs available for Hasselblad and Mamiya 645--those are pretty safe bets, but be careful of which models you get. There will be a more limited number of backs for Mamiya RB/RZ and Fuji 6x7, but they won't be anywhere near 6x7 in format, so you'll lose a lot of effective focal length flexibility.

    There is a Leaf back available now for the Bronica cameras, but those are poor bets for mechanical maintainability in the future.

    Pentax announced an intention to release a digital version of their AF 645 camera, but I don't think anything other than a single announcement has been heard from them (the classic defintion of "vaporware"). Pentax makes some very neat stuff, but betting on what they'll do in the future can make the best poker player develop a nervous tic. Can we bet on buying up a lot of Pentax AF645 equipment now?
  7. also think about the fact that those 645 af lenses will fit the mamiya zd, so if you ever move to a digital camera, you could get the zd without having to purchase a new bunch of lenses, and even if you don't, I'm sure the af lenses will hold their value more now that they will be used for the zd.

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