616/127 Daylight Tank

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  1. I rescued this tank from a bargain bin. Someone must have just thrown the box away as it looks unused. It is a Marvel from Sears, Roebuck and Company (whatever happened to Roebuck?). The spiral adjusts from 35mm to 616/116 including 127. It works by twirl and swirl - no inversion! I already have and use a 616 spiral tank (Ansco) and the twirl and swirl works just fine. They are still out there. I'm going to put this one in the classified.
  2. This is actually a nicer piece of industrial design than one would think. Almost ready for a Art Deco exhibit.
  3. Uhm, Roebuck got bored with the company after a few years, sold out the interest to Sears, lost most of his money, tried to get back with Sears and died alone and penniless.
    Hey, I had one of those tanks.
  4. June 18, 1948 was when he died...
  5. Yeah, but he was sick for a long time before that........
  6. rdm


    wow, my birthday is June 18. Creepy

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