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  1. After a visit to a west coast Rollei guru, I learned about setting software preferences on the 6008AF. Buried in the owner's manual is the very useful "reset" function, which sets the electronics back to their factory settings. This took care of some shutter lag issues that were plaguing the camera.
    The manual has more detail on how to custom set some other functions - light meter readings, soft shutter, exposure bracketing options, even some customizable functions. It was pretty exciting to learn how Rollei buried yet more flexibility deep in the camera. It was unknown to me...I set up the softer shutter (a bit slower for continuous settings, but seems smoother, and less vibration from the mirror), and its quite nice. Handheld is much more steady.
    Has anyone else fiddled with these settings? Did other people know about them, and I was just late to the party? It seems remarkable, especially for the time.
  2. This is an evolution from the 6008 integral-1, where all settings has to be done with the master control unit. The silent mode of the 6008iI is even more sophisticated: you hold the mirror return until you arrive at a private place to let it down. For me the most useful setting in the 6008af is the pre-flash, whereby the special function switch can be set to meter studio flash without wasting your film. But there is a bug: if you set your flash to end-curtain triggering, and remove your flash, the shutter will not go faster than 1/250, even if you set your shutter speed manually to 1/1000. The only thing you cannot set on the camera is the sleep time. It automatically sleeps to conserve power in a few minutes. This is inconvenient if you want to use remote control or trap-shooting. This sleep time can only be set with the computer software separately available. Of course an even more advanced evolution is found in the Hy6, where the functions are more conveniently grouped and set with more versatility, such as variable self timer from 1/4 seconds to 2 minutes etc. Enjoy your camera. It is arguably the technologically most advanced camera of its time. Tak
  3. Geoff,
    How do you setup for the softer shutter?
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  5. Hi, Edward, I think you mean silent mode. At this mode, the mirror flips softly up and down. The shutter speed is unaffected. The motor drive goes slower and quieter. You have about 1 shot per second. To set your camera into this mode,
    Go to this site:
    scroll to the bottom, where you find links to manuals. download the 6008af manual and go to page 65, where you find how to set silent mode with the special function switch.
    alternatively, you can set the camera to work in silent mode permanently with the masterware.
  6. Hi Tak,
    Thanks for your feedback, there is a switch on the side and you just flip it to "sf" that is the silent mode as you mentioned, and mine stay there since day one. I thought Geoff discovered that there is some setting on the camera so it will be an extra level of silent mode hidden.
    As far as I know, those setting is for bracketing and also for setting up the LED displace to show what info and not to show. I just leave it as it is, too complicated for me.
    BTW, got mine 6008 for a few weeks, shot 2 rolls, just love this camera, it is like night and day when comparing with a 135 camera. My only complain is lens are expensive.
  7. Edward -
    Tak you and I are all addressing the same function, but you have to take some care to getting there. Just setting the sf button alone may not do what you think. You have to set up the custom function for Silent Operation - see pg. 65 and then you have to select through a menu, and once you are on the right "LED output" that reads " SF SLt" in the LED lights (surprising but true), you use the grey button on the handle to lock it in as part of the programmng. Then you will be good to use the sf switch.
    It reads more complicated than it is. You scroll through the LED menu to see which custom function you want, pick the one, and then lock it in so that the sf switch applies itself to the right function. Of course, a dealer walking you through this would make this very easy, but that's the way of the new world.
    There is no hurry for this. If you just got the camera, then take your time. There is a lot of useful flexibility in the camera, and it takes time to learn all the little bits. I just found a conventional cable shutter release on the camera - never knew it had one.
    Have fun,
    Until that point the sf switch may be programmed for something else instead.

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