6000 series film insert breaking

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by joseph_panico, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Just a general post about the film inserts used in 6000 series cameras. I began to load film onto one yesterday, discovering a crack which, sorry to say, renders the insert unrepairable and useless. The crack appears to start from the rivet (hole) where the flat spring attaches. The flat spring holds the film roll in place: it bends near the rivets adding some stress.
    A repairable problem is the c-clip holding the gear wheel in place. I've had three of these fall off and one lost. Any general hardware store will stock the c-clip: snap carefully into place.
  2. These plastic inserts aren't very robust, as you have discovered. The trick is to open the tab gently and just enough to slide a roll of film in. Of course, when you rivet a metal flat spring to a plastic base, sooner or later the plastic will fail. Used inserts are relatively inexpensive on fleabay - less than $30-35. Or you could try some sort of glue - I'm not sure what kind of glue could bond this plastic, but some epoxy probably. Other than that, this is one of the quirks of the Rollei 6008 system one has to put up with.
  3. If some part of the system were to fail, lucky its just the plastic insert. Readily available, and not expensive. FWIW, none of mine have failed, but the case they come in does crack.
  4. I've been using these for over 20 years now and none of mine has ever had a problem. No cracks, no C-rings falling out. Are you sure you handle the inserts with the proper amount of sensivity?

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