60 Years Ago - May 1956

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  1. So I am sitting there reading the May 1956 issue of Modern Photography. They say it was a special issue but I am not finding anything special in it. So I look at my other magazines for the month and find a great issue of Popular Photography. It has a 45 page special section on the German camera industry. It has an overview of the various company's history and some great ads.
    Here is part 1.
  2. Here is part 2.
  3. Here is part 3.
  4. Canon has a nice 6 page ad in this month's camera equipment ads.
  5. Here are the dealer ads for this month.
  6. All those ads make you come over all weak kneed. Nice to see an ad for the Vitessa, and how I wish I could still get that original Adox film!
    The Canon article is also a top read...thanks again!
  7. Tony - It is amazing how well those ads work after 60 years. I look at ads for other products from this era and think they look so quaint.
  8. AS always, thanks.
  9. Loved the Canon ad! I clipped it for my files. THANKS!!
  10. Yay, the Canon! Thanks, Marc.
  11. Canon took quite the chance with that ad. I think it was worth the cost.

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