60 MM AF Micro Nikkor 2.8D

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  1. I learned about the limit switch. I am using the lens on a D80, when I have
    the lens set to A and the camera to A Priority I can only set the Aperture to
    5 not 2.8 How come? I have the lens locked at 32

    Also is there any books Nikon material that outlines the use of their lenses

    Bob Buckley
  2. That's due to light loss during extension at !:!. The lens is not effectively at f2.8, then, it's at f5.0, and it's letting you know that. Nothing to worry about. Good luck.
  3. This is your autoexposure compensating for the closeness, this is normal behavior.
  4. Robert,

    That is a great and fun lens.

    Just as a follow up. Almost all micro lenses (with the notable exception of the "I-wish-I-
    had-one" 70-180 micro zoom) lose light as you focus closer. The aperture actually
    changes due to mechanical vignetting or something as you get closer and closer... as the
    barrel extends.

    As far as how to use this lens... do a LOT of experimenting and you will figure it out, and
    figure new ways to get cool images, as time progresses.
  5. I am not sure if I understand, I though Aperture priority was, you set the aperture and the camera would set the rest.

    By the way thanks for the quick repsonses

  6. "The aperture actually changes due to mechanical vignetting or something."

    Not really.

    Here's a link to "Understanding Macro Lens Apertures":

  7. Previously, on pnet:

  8. Got it now, thanks to all.


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