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    Actually, you would want something more like f/11unless you want the flash to be the main light source for the photograph. An older, inexpensive DSLR that will sync with flash would be a great idea and much cheaper than Polaroid that is getting more expensive and harder to find.
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  3. F11 meter reading would be 1 stop brighter than f8 meter reading
  4. Find an older dslr to use instead of a Polaroid.
    I've seen them on eBay for less than $100, body + lens + battery charger + battery + memory card. The only additional cost would be a new battery, if the old one is on its last leg, which it might be for an OLD battery.
  5. I agree on the DSLR for sure once I use up all my Polaroids the money I spent on Polaroids I could have bought a DSLR I won't be buying any more Polaroid I got about seven or eight boxes left once I use that up I'll be getting a DSLR.

    Okay so I just went outside and I took an ambient Light reading it came it came out to 1/60 th of a second at 5.6. I then switched my meter over to flash I set the shutter speed to 1/60 of a second and I pop the flash off at like an eighth or quarter power and I got f8 my meter was telling me 70% which if I understand my meter correctly 70% of the light is ambient 30% of it is Flash. .

    Let me try to understand this correctly ambient reading is 1/60 of a second at F 5.6 switch to meter to flash so if I go to f8 is is my percentage of flash is going to go up or down if I go to F4 is my percentage going to go up or down I'm a little confused.
  6. I think I got it now ambient Light reading 1/60 at f5.6. if I shoot my flash at 1/60 at F4 I'm increasing the amount of flash percentage overall. If I shoot at f8 I'm decreasing the overall flash percentage.
  7. The easiest way in my view is to use the % reading. The value displayed is the percentage of exposure from flash. In post #25 above, the reading told you that 70% of the exposure was from flash, and 30% is from ambient. This is consistent with an ambient reading of f/5.6.

    Sekonic has a tutorial: Fill-Flash Tutorial with examples of fill percentage.
  8. I watch the tutorial I believe it's the other way it'the percentage that it shows is the ambient light if I remember correctly.

    I will double check on that but I think the percentage showing is the ambient light have to look again.

    Update you are correct the percentage showing on the screen is the percentage of Flash you are correct.
  9. You will have to study basic Photography and flash lighting. Your confusing yourself by constantly changing your f stops. Pick an fstop and the appropriate shutter speed to give you proper exposure for your outdoor image then add flash to fill. If you add too much flash it will change your exposure and you will have to close down your aperture. Your shutter speed can add or decrease ambient light. The flash exposure is only controlled by the Fstop. There is a lot to learn and to practice.
  10. Got it no problem, thanks.

  11. Great! Your a fast learner than most people. I look forward to seeing some posted images of your results!
  12. Not a not a fast learner spent 4 years in college studying major in photography just been a long time ago just getting back into it lot of stuff to try to remember.

    It will take time and a lot of practice. Yeah I should have some in images to post pretty soon.

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