6-bit coding in Bangkok

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  1. Is there anyone doing it for non-coded Leica M lenses? How long does it take? Thanks
  2. Nope, you have to send the lenses to Germany.
    Or you can just order the inexpensive, useful Match Technical M-Coder kit and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost and hassle.
  3. For US$6 you can order the Bo Coder and do it yourself. I have it and it works perfectly.
    The template is great, just use a black marker (I use a Sharpie pen). Here are the codes:
    The idea of sending my lenses somewhere, paying a lot for the coding, waiting for weeks at a time, and sometimes not getting a perfect lens back, is risky.
  4. You better try to contact "http://www.cameracollection.net/". They are in Bangkok....
  5. Thanks for the answers. I was told the marking through the kits wears off. I realize it has to do with how frequently you change your lenses but has anyone had an experience of more than a year or two?
  6. I've been using the Match Technical M-Coder kit for about a year; I just check the markings on my lenses before I go out to shoot, and if they're in need of a refresh, I take care of it then.
    I also carry a marking pen with me, just in case - had to use it once when I forgot to check prior to heading out. With the M9, I leave the lens selection set to automatic, and look to ensure that the camera recognizes the lens prior to shooting.
    Note that even if you fail to do all this and the lens isn't recognized by the camera, your photos will still be fine; it's just the EXIF lens-reporting data that's dorked up. You can either fix the EXIF data manually in Lightroom or whatever, or you can do it programmatically with exiftool.

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