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  1. Greetings all!
    I have not been a regular participant on this forum (this is my first post), but I have been impressed with--and grateful for--the dialogue that takes place on this forum for many years now.
    Here then, is my query: Do you have any recommendations for a 5x7 camera case?
    To be specific, I am looking for a case along the lines of Justin Gnass's camera cases, a soft-sided, padded case suitable for holding only a 5x7 camera (non-folder). Ideally it would hold the camera snugly *without* any extra room for film holders, lenses, etc. The one major requirement is that it would need to have a shoulder strap, preferably not one that I had to attach later. Interior dimensions would need to accommodate a camera 28x28x18cm. I have looked at photobackpacker.com and Gnass products and have not seen anything suitable, but all recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
    Finally, it need not be designed specifically for photo products.
    Thank you,
  2. Hi Alex, one of the best cases I've purchased was for a 4x5 camera (and would work for my old 5x7, save the fact I don't use it anymore). I bought it at an office supply store (Office Depot I think). It is a bigger computer case that has hard sides all the way around. It was around $30. So you might want to get creative. Otherwise, I would think a large Tamrac (which I absolutely love) would probably handle a 5x7.
  3. Somewhere else to look is cabela's or orvis. They both have fly fishing bags that are padded the might work. I don't know if they have your exact size but I was able to find a case that works for my 8x10 lenses. They ones I looked at all came with shoulder straps as well.
  4. Thank you Michale and Daniel for your suggestions. I will take a look at all of these options.

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