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  1. My Mac w/Lion and LR4 or CS5 or CS6 can't see the RAW files. Adobe DNG converter can't covert them. A program from Adobe called Camera Raw updater (not sure what it does) won't install on my computer. It would supposedly help. Any suggestions. The jpgs came out just fine though. =)
  2. You'll need to download and install the ACR 6.7 Release Candidate, which has 5D Mk III CR2 support.
  3. Or, just download the most up to date DNG Converter, of course...
  4. Or use DPP untill there is more support for the mk3's RAW files.
  5. That ACR will not load on my Mac.. I don't know why. Is that a stand alone program, like the DNG converter? I do have the latest version of the DNG converter and it won't do it. Jos, I have not used DPP in years because I hated it so much a few years ago.. But, I would like to edit shots in Lightroom or Photoshop. I suppose DPP could export them as a TIF. I will install it and have a look at it again though.
  6. Or use DPP untill there is more support for the mk3's RAW files.​
    Maybe not a good idea - I've seen reports (like this one: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III-DSLR-Camera-Review.aspx) that DPP is doing something on output to 5D Mk III files to make them disagreeably soft.
    Canon seems to have acknowledged the problem:
    Canon has been contacted and will be working with me to resolve this issue, but it will likely take some time. Shoot your 5D III images in RAW + JPG and waiting until this problem is solved before processing the RAW files in DPP. Or use another RAW conversion application.​
  7. Is that a stand alone program, like the DNG converter?​
    Nope - it runs from within Photoshop. If the auto update doesn't work you will need to unzip the download and track down the correct plugin from within the package - not made easy by Adobe, because they call the files "1002" "1003" etc. depending on OS, and you have to drop the right one into the plugin folder and rename it.
    I do have the latest version of the DNG converter and it won't do it​
    It works for me, Danny - are you absolutely certain you've got the very latest?
  8. My DNG is 6.7.39 Beta.. maybe because its beta but the CR2 files are grayed out as to be unselectable.
  9. DPP is just as bad as ever by the way, just installed it..
  10. That's odd, Danny - 6.7 should support the 5D Mk III http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2012/03/adobe-camera-raw-6-7-and-dng-converter-6-7-available-on-adobe-labs.html and as I suggest, it works on 5D Mk III files here, albeit on a Win7 64 bit machine.
  11. It doesnt see them as extractable.. The CR2s are greyed out just like jpgs. I just downloaded and installed it again
  12. Unfortunately the problem lies with Apple's MAC OS X...any flavor of Critter, Snow Leopard or Lion, as the necessary resources to read the latest .CR2 and .jpg generated by a variety of new (bleeding edge) cameras are not built in into the Operating System yet, and Apple has not released an incremental update to support the 5DMKIII and others yet.
    Serious flaw in their OS-level implementation of being able to keep up with new cameras. No simple plugins, it has to be an OS update.
    Don't believe me? Here is your proof:

    Call Apple Support and complain, or scour the support page but i found this by typing "Camera RAW support".
  13. I'm running Lion and Raw 6.7 (beta) and it works fine with my 5Diii Raw files...
  14. @John Thurston. The OS level RAW support has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of any Adobe products to read RAW files. That is what ACR is for.
  15. Correct : acr and os support are 2 different things. I d/led the latest acr beta and am able to open 5diii and d800 raws in
    ps. However there is no preview for these files in the finder under snow leopard, contrary to my 5d1 files.
  16. Apple's lack of 5dIII raw support in OS has everything to do with half the posters' problems...grayed out icons in Finder and no previews, no support for Aperture...why OP is having a problem installing ACR is a mystery? Operator error? All OS updates and Adobe updates installed?...hard to tell without being there.
  17. I have ACR installed in the 6.7 Beta version. Thats where I get the greyed out files. Apple says my software is up to date... Operator error? could be, I do plenty of that too.
  18. Update... Operator Error to some degree. DNG converter WILL convert the files even though they are greyed out. So it appears as if it won't do the files, can't see them or what they are, but if I just try to do it anyway.. it will convert them to DNGs

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