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  1. I currently own 20D and need to upgrade. I am seriously thinking about the 5D as it has the bigger sensor.I am very frustrated with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens. being magnified using the 20D. I find it very frustrating when shooting portraits as I feel I am too far away from my subject. I also have the 17-40mm f.4L lens. I generally shoot portrait and photo journalism and would like to buy the 24-105mm f4 IS for more versatility. I am a very serious amateur. Would I be right to think that the EOS 5D would be the right body for me to buy along with the 24-105mm. If so I would rather wait for the upgrade as I feel it must be around the corner. Does anybody know when the new 5D may come out?
  2. #1 Yes. #2 No.
  3. A perfect answer, Sheldon! :)
  4. As for using the 24-105mm with a 5D, I don't think you're legally allowed to own one without the other. Seems like everyone with a 5D has a 24-105mm (including me). As for a new version of the 5D, it's anybody's guess. You may want to consider buying the current 5D when/if a new version is announced; it's already an excellent camera and the prices are bound to fall for both new and used examples. Some have argued that the 5D doesn't have all of the features that some of the newer models have, and that may be; but I would argue that not long ago I was using a light-tight box with a shutter a mirror and a prism, and not much else. Compared to that, the 5D is feature rich.
  5. >>I am very frustrated with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens.<<

    If you want to buy a 5D, by all means do so, but this reason is specious. Just buy the thing, nobody here will criticize you unless you somehow feel you have to rationalize the whole thing. This argument might work with your spouse, but it doesn't convince me of anything except that you want to buy a 5D.

    After all, there is a 60mm macro that will give you the results you want, so why did you buy a 100mm macro if you needed the 60mm?. If you want more pixels the 40D will do just fine, too, and even better would be a nice 22MP Mark III.
  6. "Does anybody know when the new 5D may come out?"

    Yes, lots of them. They all work for Canon, and they don't post here.

    The 5D is a great camera today, and will remain so well into the next decade.
  7. The 5D MKII will probably debut this fall. Or maybe in January. Or maybe it is the last of its
    kind and be replaced with a digital elf on ICE!
  8. Canon typically releases new EOS gear twice a year: before PMA (which has already happened this year) and before Photokina* (which happens in late September). I'm among those who believe the 5D is long overdue for replacement. Not that there's anything wrong with it; it's still a fine camera. But the rest of Canon's lineup has been refreshed at least once, and in some cases twice, since the 5D came out, and it's missing features which have been heavily promoted in every subsequent body. So I think there will be a new 5D in August. Then again, I though there'd be a new 5D in January, for all the same reasons, and I was wrong. As others have said, and as is said every time someone posts a "When will Canon release the next [insert model name here]?" question, anyone who actually knows the answer is covered by a non-disclosure agreement and cannot post about it.
    You start by saying that you need to upgrade your 20D, but you don't say why the 20D is a problem. You mention that your lens collection isn't well suited for your uses on the 20D, but that doesn't imply that the 20D is the problem; just as you could say that the 20D isn't the right body for your lens collection, you could equally say that your lens collection isn't the right lens collection for your 20D. If the 100/2.8, an excellent macro lens, is too long, you could fix the problem by replacing it with the 60/2.8, another excellent macro lens. The 17-40 works very well on the 20D. So does the 24-105. (I have a 20D and both of the latter two lenses.)
    I'm not saying the 5D isn't right. Heck, I want one, too. But unless you have a pile of money sitting around, you need to dig deeper into figuring out why it is or isn't the right purchase for you. Don't start by saying "I need to upgrade my 20D" or "I need to get a 5D." Start by saying "Here's what's wrong with my current equipment;" list specific problems and issues that you actually encounter in your shooting. Then come up with a list of possible solutions to each problem. That list of solutions should then guide you to your decision, as you'll probably spot the same solution cropping up for a bunch of problems.
    *: Photokina only happens in alternate years. This is one of the years when it's on. But in years when there's no Photokina, Canon still typically releases new gear around that time anyway.
  9. You see the thing is...I moved from film to digital not knowing what I was getting into. I did not know 3 years ago what I now know. I brought the 20D and have been happy with it apart from thinking that the lenses would work the same way as with my film camera...oh how wrong I was. The reason that I am looking to change from the 20D is that I have fungus on the sensor and am weighing up the costs of buying new what I would really like or fixing up for now if it doesn't cost so so much and wait to buy 5D later on when it is more viable and hopefully updated.

    Thanks for your help with my dilema...oh and by the way Canon say they don't have a date for 5D markII as if they would say anyway. I would like to be a fly on the wall in their office.
  10. I hope that whenever it comes out that they don't muck up the low noise at high ISO as it
    present in the existing 5D.
  11. Hey take advantage of the low price on the 5D 24-105 combo. I'm still new with the camera but so far am thrilled with the image quality. The replacement will have a few improvements I'm sure but you know it's price is probably going to be back around 3 grand.
  12. Canon is rumored to be splitting the 5D replacement into a sub-$2,000 model that's essentially a 40D with a FF sensor, and a higher-end $3,500-ish model (price dependent on Sony's and Nikon's upcoming prices and models). Moreover, they may hold off the lowe-end model to gain sales of the more expensive model, much like Nikon's holding off on a D90 release until the ecitement and sales of the D300 begin to flag. When will the 5D replacement(s) arrive? Probably not before June, and possibly not even until Photokina in September.
  13. Consider the camera and lens purchase separately. Per the quip above, there is no law saying you have to get a 24-105 with the 5D. The 24-105 is a decent lens, the 24-70 is the other contender in the same approximate range. I have both, and prefer the 24-70 most of the time. Both have their strong points though.

    My 24-70 has better overall sharpness and contrast than my 24-105, but there's no absolute winner. In the corners my 24-70 is *always* sharper, by a landslide. But off-center just a bit, sometimes the 105 comes out ahead.

    Viewing overall images, the 24-105 shows signif more light fall-off.

    The 105 has IS, but is one stop slower, so maybe a slight advantage there, depending if your subjects are moving or not.

    The 105 is a lot lighter, a bit shorter.

    The 70 focusses quite a bit closer, something like .29x vs .21x, if memory serves.

    The quoted focal lengths of both lens aside, in my experience the 105 goes slightly wider than the 70, and obviously goes longer, but not as long as qouted. 70 on the 70 seems like 80 on the 105, if that makes any sense ;)

    At the wide end the 70 seems to have less distortion (out-of-squareness).
  14. Manty Cooper - This is off topic but when you reduce a photo apply a sharpening filter - it will bring out the details better . . .
  15. It's all about full frame lenses, because they will last a good ten years or more and retain their value better than any crop lens. And the current 5D uses them the way they are supposed to be used. The 5D is a timeless classic. Unless you truly need live-view, dust shaker or 5 fps get the current model. I think Nikon upped the ante on high ISO performance with the D3, so Canon needs to come out with another knockout for less money. In the meantime, they will continue to drop the price of the current 5D, and tweak the update to match the D3 and sell it for 2000 less. It will be another winner for sure.

    The 5D is the smallest and lightest full frame dslr in the world today, let alone three years ago. It's timeless...kudos to Canon...
  16. "In the meantime, they will continue to drop the price of the current 5D"

    Bzzzzzzzt. It just went up $100.
  17. It went up $100 because the rebates are coming and the net price will still be lower. The vendors actually make more money off the rebate program.
  18. You know why they make more off the rebate programs? Because more than half the people who purchase products with rebates NEVER SEND IN FOR THEIR REBATES. Amazing and true. The the original poster, I bought a 5D last year and love it to death. Don't wait for the new one...buy it now!

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