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  1. This may be a silly question but...
    I have been searching for a camera with a bigger sensor. My current lenses were bought specifically for a 35 mm camera and I am very happy with them on a 35mm! Not so happy with them on the APS-C size sensors however. I have tried to make due with these for a few years now and I just really miss my 24mm and my 20-35L on my A2. I also miss the view finder you get with the 35mm format. I just haven't been able to find any of the 10-20mm varieties of lenses that suit my fancy as I really prefer the 2.8 wide aperture that I get with my 20-35.
    With all that in mind I have been seriously considering the new 5D MKII but the cost is a bit higher tahn i would really like. The 1d mk III is coming down in price and to me seems like it would be a bit better for 700 dollars less. I dont really need the 21mp, they would be nice, my wife likes to print things the size of my walls! The 1.3 crop factor of the 1d doesn't put me in a whole lot better position than puting a 17-50 2.8 on a 1.6x body though. the 1ds is just a bit out of my price range still.
    All that said, does any one know if i could expect 5D to be compatible with newer computers and operating systems? I was considering the 1d and 1ds but have noticed that some people are having a hard time, with the 1d at least, on vista. That would make me think that there is a possibility that I could have the same problem in a few years with another older camera such as a 5D and my old 10D if i were to upgrade operating systems in the next few years. IF i were to buy a 5D could i expect it to be useable for 5-6 more years! or would i be better off with a MK II, would the 1d mk III be better in this regard?
  2. I would expect that it would be compatible with the newest operating systems. I have not heard anything otherwise. I hope so, anyway, since I own a 5D! There are photographers out there using the old D30 still, so I really wouldn't worry about the 5D becoming unusable in the next 5 years.
    I picked the 5D for the same reasons you want a full frame camera. I have owned one for almost three years, and I have no complaints.
  3. ". . . does any one know if i could expect 5D to be compatible with newer computers and operating systems?"
    Whether an image file from your camera, whether in RAW or .jpeg format, can be read by your computer does not depend on your operating system, but on the program you are using to read your images, whether it's Aperture, iPhoto, Photoshop, PS Elements, or Lightroom.
    The current version of all of those programs will convert RAW images and read .jpegs from a 5D.
    I still consider my 5D to be a viable camera, especially for static subjects (portraits, landscapes, macro, etc.). For action shooting, I use my 1DMkII. Mint, used 5Ds are very cheap right now for a full-frame body capable of delivering superb results, particularly with high end lenses like yours. And with a 5D you will be back to the good old days of film, as far as focal length is concerned.
  4. "the program you are using to open it..."
    on that note i would imagine that ellements 6 probably wont be able to open images from the new 5d mk II is that true?
    does any one have any idea how many shutter actuations these are good for?
  5. It sounds like an original 5D would be perfect for you in terms of your lenses, price point and your desire for 35mm type viewfinder, etc. I wouldn't worry about compatibility - the problems tend to be the other way around (newer cameras, new RAW formats with older versions of software) - the 5D is supported by all the programs that I am aware of.
    The 5D is as good now as it was when it was introduced - the LCD screen looks a bit small compared to the new crop of bodies, it lacks video, but it produces exceptionally clean, 12mp full frame images with well controlled noise at higher ISOs (providing you are careful with exposure). Your desire for wide angles and full frame simply does not jibe with the 1D MkIII - it's important to choose camera bodies relative to your own requirements, not because one is considered to be "better" or is newer.
  6. There are no "compatibility" issues between the 5D and "newer computer systems." The 5D would give you everything you list among your reasons for moving to full frame. Your explanations about lenses not giving the same coverage on crop lenses also argue against the 1-series alternatives.
  7. Since you mentioned the 1D and 1Ds I can state unequivocally that they have no problem with vista, I use CS3 and CS4. I also have the 5D and have not had any problems either. If you like to look at the screen then you will not like any of those cameras, especially when compared with the newer ones.
  8. I use Adobe Camera Raw in Elements 6 to open files from my 5Dii. Of course this is not the ACR that was shipped with Elements 6, but the updates are easy enough to install, and they are free.
    Compatibility of the 5D with future versions of Windows depends on the DRIVER being compatible (not the camera). I hope we can trust Canon to provide updated 5D drivers. The 5D was an expensive camera, and I don't think Canon wants to alienate the purchasers. I worry more about the future of my Powershot S50! Lightroom can read its raw files, but DPP cannot.
  9. The problem is not only whether the 5D can keep up with the newer software, but whether the 5D Mk II can fit in with the software that is currently available.
  10. Not exactly sure what you're asking (are you shooting tethered?), but I have never connected any dslr to a computer, I prefer using a card reader to download the files. Nothing wrong with the 5D at all. And if you want the real 20mm, I wouldnt consider the 1.3 line.
    Even my circa-1999 Nikon CP950 is "compatible" with today's software. Oh, the current 5d-2 with the rebate is about what I paid for the 5d-1 in May 2008, so I don't think it's that bad.
  11. I shoot with the original 5D and it will be plenty for what you need. The images are 12mp which is more then enough to make large prints. The large image sensor will let you see what your lenses were designed to see. The Mark 2 might be a little much for you since the images area HUGE 21mp and the file sizes are quite large. Plus the video it takes is very high def and eats up processor speed and memory card and hard drive space...so unless you have a new computer capable of handling all of this your better off with the original 5D. Plus the 5D is cheaper and you are better off spending the extra money on some quality lenses other then a state-of-the art body. Just my humble 2 cents : )
  12. I have to agree with what I've read here in the responses to your post. I shoot with a Canon 5D and a T1i and have had no problem with either of them using Windows Vista or Windows 7. I have connected the USB cable to my computer but find it's easier for me to just take the CF card out and put it in my card reader. I shoot RAW and jpeg images and have had no trouble opening them in either version of Windows. I did have to install a codec from the Canon site to view the RAW files but other than that it's been a great camera and it takes spectacular images.
  13. For me, the 5D is an ideal camera. I still take photos with the 5D camera and print size 27x34 (m) but are not reef break. You should buy the 5D and saving money to buy a good lens. Lenses are more important than the camera, my friend
  14. I find the aps-h sensor very usable and not so sacrificing the wide angles of the zooms. My 17-40 mounted on my old 40D was a not very interesting 29-68...but on the 1d2 it is a very nice 22-50 what I love for photojournalism, street photography and also wide enough for landscapes. So the idea of a 1d mk3 is not so bad, cosidering all the goods it has (AF is what I love from these cameras), mybe a used 1d3 is a good compromise between 5d mk2 and 5d...I'm also looking for a second body, I'd take for sure a 1d3 if it costed resonably less than the 5d2. Unfortunally here in Italy it still costs more (new) and only slightly less if you find an used one (about -250$)...

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