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  1. Hi
    I am relativity new to the site but have been really happy to find somewhere that answers questions so honestly and
    with such passions so I thought id see if someone could answer my question. I am currently looking for a new
    camera, I have a Canon EOS 400D and like a lot of people would love to purchase a new 5D but cant afford it so was
    looking at buying the last 5D Model until I saw the new 50D, I’ve read all the reviews and I know there’s not many on
    the 50D yet. What I am Really wondering would I be better with a full frame or the 50D. I do a good bit of work for my
    local paper, mostly parties, indoor events and portraits. I would really appreciate any advice
  2. I suspect you could be happy with either one.

    The main advantage of the 5D is it is FF and your wide lenses will be really
    wide and not suffer the cropping effect of 1.6x bodies. Also the VF is vast and brilliant compared to even the best 1.6x crop
    bodies like the 40D. I suspect your shooting style leans towards the wide, so it may be a great choice.

    On the other hand, the
    50D is the greatest and latest, and is bound to have a better AF system--although the 5D is still pretty darn good--plus a
    better LCD and features like LiveView. Either way you'll end up with a much better camera than the 400D.

    One peek
    through the VF of either model and you'll not want to use you 400D anymore.
  3. Sarah if you have EF-S lenses they won't fit on the 5D.
  4. Ignoring the viewfinder difference b/w full frame and 1.6 crop (which is huge) and strictly talking focal
    lengths... you could get the 10-22mm EFS for much less than upgrading to either body (or 3rd party for even
    cheaper). OR, even get the 50D AND the 10-22mm EFS for a little more than a used 5DmkI is going for... then
    you'll have 2 bodies for your indoor events etc.
    The 5D is still a great camera and is at a bargain price right now. But the newer cameras have a much noticed
    improvement in file quality (IMO). I thought long and hard about a backup/2nd body between a 5D or 40D and
    decided on the 40D because of the file quality. I can routinely shoot at ISO1600 without any real problems with
    good luck.
  5. "I thought long and hard about a backup/2nd body between a 5D or 40D and decided on the 40D because of the file quality. I
    can routinely shoot at ISO1600 without any real problems with noise."

    I'm not sure what you mean by "file quality." If you mean image quality, I have to say the 5D whips my 40D in terms of
    image quality: smoother, more 3-D and prints larger with less apparent noise. Although the 40D is pretty good at ISO 1600,
    the 5D is even better. As far as robustness of written files--if that's what you mean--I have never suffered a lost or corrupted
    5D file in over 3 years of shooting. In other words, the integrity of both 5D and 40D data are the same.
  6. I had a 5D a year ago. I'd have to say... the image quality is really really great... especially considering that camera is 3 years old. I can only image how excited the people who got them new felt.
    I picked up a 1DIII a year ago (right after I got rid of the 5D) and my non-scientific observations are that the files that come out of the 1DmkIII allow more pushing and pulling in post. There seems to be a bit more dynamic range. And the adjustments that are made are finer. I think this might be due largely to the 14-bit A/D converter in the 1DIII as opposed to the 12-bit A/D converter in the 5D.
    That said, I haven't received my 40D yet so I can't say for sure if what I am getting out of my 1DIII is going to be similar to the 40D output. But I do feel like like the advance in technology from the 30D/5D era to the 40D justifies an upgrade... unlike the 40D->50D. Plus, I got a used 40D for more than half the price of a used 5D.
    That all said... the 5D takes amazing pictures... as well as I am sure the 40D and 50D. The ultimate variable for this decision I think should be FF vs crop.
    good luck!
  7. I also think the 3D look comes more from lenses than the camera... right?
  8. I own a 10D and a 5D. I use the 10d only when I want the extended telephoto reach its cropped sensor gives, for wildlife. Otherwise the 5D my choice for everything else.

    Since you do lots of indoor stuff, the wider angle a FF sensor provides would be more useful, IMO.
  9. Hi

    back when I was only using EOS in 35mm film my favorite lens was a 24mm. I got a 20D and now suddenly not wide enough. I bought a 12-24 Tokina for about $400 and its wide enough but I'm 100% certain that my film scans of the 24mm just nudge it out for details (not in every situation, but more than I care for).

    IF I was considering these cameras (which I kind of am) I'd hang back and get a 5D when the 5D MkII comes out. Then simple prime lenses like a 24 f2.8 and 50 f1.8 will make sense and give beautiful images from the 5D.

    Strangely though I find myself tending back to film again after moving increasingly digital since about 2000. Although I'm returning to film for stuff like 120 film and 4x5 sheet film not 35mm
  10. "What I am Really wondering would I be better with a full frame or the 50D. I do a good bit of work for my local
    paper, mostly parties, indoor events and portraits. "

    Hi sarah....a 5D and of course the new 5DII are exceptional cameras....but only thing new(and really significant)
    about latest and greatest cameas in increase in megapixels (which can be a burden on computer...and slows you
    down),and high quality movie shooting ability in 5DII.

    As a reporter, you'd probably wont need even 6MP to be honest. While its great to have the latest and the
    greatest.... i'd say the money is better spent on 40D and more important things like great lenses ....L
    series....2.8 or faster lenses (which do not depreciate as DSLRs), Flashes etc.

    while its tempting to get latest and the greatest, but its always wise to buy the camera you need and the lenses
    you can barely afford and probably don't need.

    If you look at the work of the most famous pros...its always the super fast lenses that they use..... Would
    recommend great lenses over anything else.....in 2004....every pro was saying...wow....its such a great
    camera.....in 2007....40D was amazing. If they were so good back then, they are still good now.

    5D and 5DII is perfect tool for nature photographer and landscape photographer who need really big file
    sizes...and they are "slower" cameras. If you have some spare cash,by all means go for them. But in case you have
    to make some trade offs.....i'd say..anything above rebel series (since its your second camera)...esp. 40D as it
    has better viewfinder and LCD as big as your 400D.

    I know my advice to go with older body and best lenses is rather "weird"... but i think it makes good
    sense...(btw...i just bought a 40D for 800 AUD......i'll save the money i saved over 50D on a great new lens! )


  11. "go with older body and best lenses" - good advice.
  12. hi
    Thanks for all the responses, I think thats excatly what I'm going to do, that being invest in a good lens, a faster lens and maybe buy the 40D and upgrade when things start going well, hopefully!
    Thanks for the help
  13. GO for the 5d II for landscapes weddings and large family potraits or go for the 50d for sports and a cheap price either way use them to their fullest go BIG or stay home.
  14. will you need 21 pixles or 15 21 if u gotta crop alot advantage is 21 more to crop great pics like i said go big or stay home. Hey Aaron how is every thing

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