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  1. Hey everyone,
    I downloaded the Digital Photo Professional software that came with w/my 5D MKII, however, I can't use the program. It allows me to open the file I need, as it loads the photos, I get a DPPViewer.exe error that says its encounted a problem and needs to close. etc... I have tried it 5 times over the last 3 days, opened different folders at different times. Finally I uninstalled itand reinstalled it, but nothing works, I continue to get an error and am forced to shut down the problem.
    How do you process your raw images, if you're not able to use DPP?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Could be a couple of things. First, are you using the latest firmware "7"? If so, you need to also download the new software from Canon for the DPPViewer. In fact, I would make sure your current on both of these. Second, I usually open raw files in Lightroom which is uptodate for the 5d mark II, 50d and g10. However, my DPPViewer works fine on occasions I use it.
  3. "I downloaded the Digital Photo Professional software that came with w/my 5D MKII"
    The downloads on Canon's websites are updates, not full programs. If you haven't installed the program from the CD you should do that, then install the updates from the website.
    Zoombrowser also has a RAW processing program as well if DPP just refuses to work.
    The 5DmkII is still under warranty right? You could give Canon a call.
  4. I think Dan got it down! You need to install DPP from the CD that came with your 5D Mark II. The downloads on Canon are only updates.
  5. Thank you in fact I did download from the CD. Let me see which firmware I'm using...perhaps that could be the problem. I can see the cr file in bridge, but it doesnt allow me to open it in PS cs3.
  6. Make sure you've updated PS CS3 and Bridge with the latest updates as well...
  7. I'm having trouble... I tried to update the firmware and updates for cs3. Where do I put the update for bridge?
  8. Can someone walk me through *each* step to get DPP to work?
    1) update firmware to 7 (I dont have a CF card reader, will this matter)
    2) update for PS cs3
    3) update for Bridge cs3
    Thanks in advance! I've never done this before =)
  9. What computer operating system are you on? Windows Vista, XP, Mac? This may be a computer problem more than an EOS problem.
  10. windows xp
  11. I dont have a card reader, which is my first problem. I do have the older firmware 6. Is there an alternate way to retrieve/use my raw files? I have adobe design cs3, but do not have lightroom.
  12. Are you not able to upload the pictures from the camera to the computer or is it that you can't do anything with the pictures after you have uploaded?
    The Canon disk should have everything you need to get started. Lets start with that and work on the Photoshop stuff later.
  13. You don't have a card reader so I can only assume that your connecting the camera to the computer with a USB cord provided with the camera (or similar cord that fits easily, not forced).
  14. I can upload the pictures, but in bridge you get a logo, that says cr2, and when I click to open in photoshop, it doesnt allow me to.
  15. yes, I used the usb and upload via bridge cs3.
  16. Adobe has really made this messy...last time I checked....maybe two weeks ago, the Canon 5D Mk II is not being supported by CS3 RAW. No updates available. You have to upgrade to CS4 to be able to get an upgrade to use the MK II for RAW. However, Lightroom 2.0 does support the MK II for RAW. Crazy, ain't it?
    with what you presently have, and spend no money, you load the DPP from the disc supplied, and then go to the Canon site and load any updates for it. Then you should be set to finish the install and have the MK II supported in RAW. Actually, it might not be a bad idea to load ALL the Canon software provided and go to the Canon site and get the updates for ALL of them....then install. At least that way you'll have the latest of everything you could possibly need.
  17. I have uploaded all the latest canon software. I will go to the site and try to update it all now. I just ordered lightroom, since I was considering getting it anyway. What a PITA that it doesnt work on cs3.
  18. oh....you'll love lightroom! amazing piece of software.
  19. I can't wait... it seems like EVERYONE uses it and I'm just a bit slow to catch on! Thanks for your suggestions above, I'm downloading the DPP update, hopefully that does the trick.
    I'm excited to see todays pics from the 60th bday I shot.
  20. You can also use ZoomBrowser to process the RAW files as well and if you have the Canon disk you already have it. In Zoombrowser find the folder and files. Right click the RAW file and select "Processing RAW files". You will then be in the processing window. Don't try to work with too many photos at one time. That may be your problem depending on how much RAM your computer has. When your done you will need to set it up in the prefrences for what folder to export too. It's not very intuitive and Help is of no help at all. I seem to remember that if you set it up right it will export to PhotoShop, but I don't have PhotoShop to test that out.
    http://www.usa.canon.com/content/dpp2/index.html Here is the tutorial for DPP if you want to take a look at it. The chapter for working with RAW files was very helpful for me. I use DPP for all of my (RAW) post processing. You should send Canon an email, they may be able to help you out.
  21. Just a thought, have you also downloaded and installed Canons latest Canon RAW Codec? The Canon site shows version 1.4.1. You would need to download it, then run it, then restart your computer. Once you do this you should be able to see the files in other non-Canon programs.
  22. Just a heads-up about Lightroom: in terms of image quality, it's waaaay behind the free Raw Therapee converter for every file I've tested - 30D, 40D, 50D, 1D Mk III and 5D Mk II ...
    Indeed, I have LR 2, CS3/ACR, DPP, Bibble, Capture One 4 and a bunch of other converters, and - unless I'm converting high ISO images (when I use Cap One) - Raw Therapee is the converter of choice every single time.

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