5D MarkII shutter count software?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by sarah_michelle_larsen, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hi.
    I have a Canon eos 5D MarkII and I want to sell it. But many people aks me how many photos it has taken.
    How do I find out?
    I tried PhotoMe, Opanda exifviewer, Astrojargon and I could not find CanCount. So I did try hard before asking in this forum.
    Someone told me that CaptureOne can show it?
    There must be a program that can show this info? It does not have to be free, but it's ok if it is:)
  2. I have used a program call "40D Shutter Count" and the results seem reasonably accurate. The following link is to the Mac version, but the author references a Window's version on the same page.
  3. Also, isn't the file numbering system sequential? If you noticed how many times you passed 9999 and went back to 0001, that would be a reliable indication.
    BTW, working with two camera bodies that a cycling through 9999 file names over and over is a pain. I guess I'll need to start adding a prefix or something as I get more and more duplicate file names. Why couldn't they add just one more digit?
  4. [[Why couldn't they add just one more digit?]]
    Because they're following a design standard:
  5. [[If you noticed how many times you passed 9999 and went back to 0001, that would be a reliable indication.]]
    I'm assuming that the 5D Mark II follows its siblings in that a new folder is created on the card every 100 photos. So, unless you reset the camera completely, the folder name should correspond to a 100-count range.
    The first folder is always 100CANON starting with image IMG_0001. The second folder is 101CANON starting with image IMG_0100. After IMG_9999 the folder name becomes 200. The pattern should be easy to follow. :)
    The other caveat here is: this won't work if you mixed CF cards from other Canon cameras. So, for example, if you took a CF card from a previous Canon camera where the last file written was IMG_0999.CR2 and put it in your brand new 5D Mark II, then the first file created by the 5D Mark II would have been IMG_1000.CR2
    All that said, of course, the link Roger posted appears to work for the 5D Mark II. There was some discussion in forums about it possibly not working if you had the 1.1.0 firmware installed but those may have been erroneous.
  6. I just count the number images on my HD taken with that particular camera. Unless you chimp 'n delete a lot, it should be in the ball park.
  7. I did not buy this camera from new. So maybe the previous owner reset the counter.
    But how does it work? I downloaded it and when I run it, a window opens and there is nothing to press.
  8. Sarah, I ran the Mac version, i am not sure if that's what you are running.
    After downloading it, there was an Application to click on, which I did, and then it told me to
    1) Connect 5d2 to computer with the cable that came with 5d2 and the other end had USB connection to the computer.
    2) then it said to turn 5d2 on
    3) then it said "press the button" which I did, and it came back saying the count is 1
    which is correct, i just got the camera new yesterday and i didn't have a lens yet so i just pressed the shutter to get some info to show.
  9. Ridiculous that a shutter count feature is not included in Canon's utility software.
  10. Thank you Robert. Sounds easy enough.

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