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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by adam_mclarsson, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I got a new 5D Mark IV which I began using today. On the top LCD screen it displayed an error code 'err cr2d..' it flashed very quickly before disappearing and the main LCD screen was blank.

    The retailer is collecting the camera for a refund as they only have them available on a 5-7 day delivery now. Are there widespread issues with this model?

    I am opting for a 5D Mark III instead, simply because I have always thought the longer a model has been out the more likely it is to be fault free'. This episode kind of proved that to be true.

    I have one more question - the menu is dramatically different from what I came from (6D, upgrading for several reasons - build quality for one) and I began noticing things like 'Electronic lens MF' which isn't mentioned in the manual. I began thinking whether this error may have been to do with this feature and I may not have set up the camera to lens correctly. Or is there something else I am not considering?
  2. Have you looked at the Canon support website to see what that error code means? Canon Support Error Codes Website

    In general neither newer or older is better. Newer just means newer. Usually newer models have more features or are more up-to-date with the needs of the current user. If a model has been out for a little while (6 months or more) then most of the problems have probably been addressed.
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  3. The only time I go any error, was with a third party lens that the camera did not have information for, but the camera was trying to do peripheral illumination or some such lens correction to the jpeg image and I was in high speed servo rapid firing the shutter. I powered the camera off, I may have pulled the battery and reinserted, turned the camera back on and turned off any lens correcting, or simply turn off jpegs recording. Never saw the problem again. I don't recall the error. I think there are some firmware updates already out for the camera too.
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  4. I would definitely try the firmware updates and just watch out for the error again. You should wait a bit before returning the camera and going backwards in models. Canon will eventually stop supporting the Mark III if they haven't already so it pays to have the newer model in terms of support.
  5. Hi Keefer, I was using the Canon 24-70mm 2.8LII lens and then switched to the Canon 50mm 1.4 (low light). It was on the 50mm I encountered this error. Being of the same make I don't think the lens was the issue. I always power down before detaching/attaching a lens.

  6. Nothing on the website. The camera did not display an error code. Just 'Err Crd something'

    Thanks - they are stopping production of it but they still service the 5D so I would have thought 5D3 would be ok. I only use it for stills - I have never used a DSLR for video. I may try it in the future but my work does not call for it.
  7. I am assuming all Canon EF lenses are compatible with this model?
  8. I would assume they are if they are Canon. If you do not get an answer here, try the official Canon Community Forum Website LINK.
  9. Thanks Keefer, getting a lot of luck on that forum. Well played!
  10. The MkIV has way better AF than the MkIII and considerably more dynamic range. I wouldn't let a little, resolvable issue deter you.
  11. Let us know how they/you resolve the issue. Passing along info makes us all more knowledgeable.
    Best of luck,
  12. Hi Keefer. Although the symptoms were not consistent with that of the card most members continued to state that it must be the card. However the card error was not consistent with such symptoms. So I am going to put it down to a bad camera and buy another.

    I learned alot abot memory cards though! The one I used in the 5D4 was new, from a reputable retailer and formatted to the camera.

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