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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by david_gardner|6, May 21, 2013.

  1. Just got a 5D Mark III and I'm learning the ropes with it. So far there have been no huge issues, except this: The shutter butter does not actuate focusing. When I press AF-On, the camera focuses. Otherwise, no lens movement and the shots are out of focus. Is there a setting/feature somewhere that I'm missing, or is my new camera busted?
  2. Many of us prefer the "back-button focus" ability, and purposefully turn off their EOS' ability to focus with the shutter release.
    Look for "Custom controls" in the manual. Its on page 321...
  3. Learn something new every day. Can you tell I'm new to Canon :) Thanks, Larry. I can see how that can be a useful function, but while I'm acclimating myself, I want it to behave as close to what I'm used to as possible.
  4. I also prefer to use the AF-On button for focusing. I hate for the camera to refocus when I hit the shutter button. Sometimes I intentionally focus on something past the object and then recompose. The camera will think I am trying to focus on whats directly in front of me and automatically refocus the camera. So i move this function to another button on the camera. However, i have never seen it come default like that... But , the camera is not busted just has lots of features. thats a lot of camera for a newbee.
  5. Thanks for the info, MP. I agree, it is a lot of camera, which is why I bought it. I don't thnk I'd call myself a newbie, though.
  6. Before the introduction of the AF-ON button, many users, myself included, transferred AF to the * button. I still do that, because I find that the * button falls much more naturally under my thumb. The AF-ON button can of course be used for exposure lock so that no functionality is lost; alternatively, it is possible to have one button using the registered AF point and one using the central AF point.

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