5D Mark II vs. 50D

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  1. I guess my question is quite obvious, I own a 40D right now and thinking about purchasing a 5D mark II but I have
    this question in my mind that I cannot find the answer of. Why chose 5d MK2 over 50D? ofcourse there are the
    obvious reasons like FF, Video recording and 21mp.

    But what Im really wondering is the image quality, would 5D MK2 create better images than 50D? And if yes, why?

  2. "Better" is a hard word to explain, not without "better" glass. It will give you larger images, that would look better in large prints. The viewfinder is much brighter and bigger as well, which helps taking photos.

  3. The 5D II will also be better at high ISOs.
  4. I don't have a 5D II, but I do own a 50D and 5D. The 5D pretty much buries the 50D in terms of IQ, something painfully
    obvious at ISO 800 and above. The control of noise in the 5D is amazing, especially considering it's vintage. The test
    shots I've seen seem to indicate the 5D II is a whole level better, so it you're into big prints, high ISO, low light and big 'n
    bright VFs and wide angle, the 5D II is the cat's meow. If you mainly bang out small to medium prints in good light, you
    won't see much diff.
  5. I think it is good to keep an open mind to the idea that either camera could be "better" for a particular user depending on
    his/her needs and situation. Since the 5DII costs considerably more than the 50D and would require a current cropped
    sensor DSLR owner to modify the lens collection, the buyer would want to be be sure that the differences between the
    cameras would have a significant effect on his/her photography.

    I shoot full frame. For the types of photography I do there are real advantages for me, mostly in terms of image quality in
    large prints (I often use a tripod and remote release) , the ability to control DOF more precisely and over a wider range,
    and possibly the greater selection of wide and ultra wide lenses. I don't need a very fast burst rate.

    For a photographer who perhaps does a lot of sports/action and similar photography, tends to shoot handheld, might
    benefit from the faster burst rate of the 50D, and may not push the boundaries of large print size the 50D could be a
    better choice, especially if this photographer already has a great set of lenses from an earlier cropped sensor body.

  6. I have both, or had (I returned the 50D). The 5D2 is fantastic and blows away the 50D, my 5D now is back up to the Mk II. On another note I would rather have a 40D than the 50D. If you can afford the 5D2 and have or can afford good glass get it, otherwise stick with your 40D.
  7. Thank you guys, I do like my 40D but Im not too happy with the ISO Performance, But I dont get the reason why 50D is worse then 40D or 5D mark2, I mean 50D and 5D mark II have both Digic 4, am I wrong?
  8. Also, Ross you mentioned a good glass to use with the 5dmk2, how about the 24-105 that comes in the kit? Do you think that would be a good lens? I already have a 70-200 f:4 L which I enjoy using a lot but I need something that can replace Tamron 17-50(since its not working with FF)?
  9. Get the 5D MKII with the new Sigma 24-70 F2.8 EX II (not the macro version), and you will not look back to crop camera.
  10. "But I dont get the reason why 50D is worse then 40D or 5D mark2, I mean 50D and 5D mark II have both Digic 4, am I wrong?"

    Full Frame is a key to IQ for me, Digic 4 is a proccessor, it helps but if you want the best in IQ go Full Frame. I would much rather have a 5D than a 50D but I like my 5D2 even better.

  11. Yes, I use the 24-105, 17-40 and 70-200, they all work stellar on the MkII
  12. Hi there....
    Think of this... you trying to get a f/2.8 lens between(10mm-100mm) WITH IS for a 5D. You can't... and believe me. IQ is in the lens and you so much more then in the body..
    And IQ is not a matter of size (of the sensor) ... bigger is not always better..

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