5D Mark II "main dial" dies intermittently?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by shooter|1, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Hello
    I recently Purchased a Canon 5D Mark II from a Canadian company called "Simmons Camera". I did this because the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar, and I thought I could save quite a bit of money. I knew I would be giving up my Canon USA warranty but I took the risk after seeing the price difference.
    Well, I got the camera in three days, since they offer a very inexpensive Express mail service to the USA.
    Everything was going swell for the first few weeks and I patted myself on the back for having discovered this great pricing loop-hole.
    Unfortunately, the party has come to an end. The "main dial" on the camera now stops working intermittently at the worst possible moments.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    I have attached a photo of the mail dial.
  2. Which mode are you shooting in when it fails?
  3. That's odd, you need to send it in. Check with Canon USA first to see what they can do for you. If the cost of fixing from Canon USA is too high, check with Canon Canada.
  4. I patted myself on the back for having discovered this great pricing loop-hole.​
    What price was that. The lowest I've seen it here in the US was for 2499 at Bestbuy, but only for a week. Anything significantly lower than that should raise alarms for any smart person. I purchased mine at BH and have had nothing but a wonderful time with it, no problems. If any I just call BH and they send it out to canon like they did with my 30D in the past or I can just drive 40miles to Irvine and drop it off there like I did with my 40D. Giving up warranty does not make anysense on a camera that is 500usd+. Double check you camera, make sure you did not get the made in Taiwan imitations.
  5. I just spoke with a REP at Simmons Camera and they told me to send it in immediately.
    They explained that Canon has a "lemon" policy and that they will have to send it to Canon for inspection.
    I will keep everyone posted.
  6. According to Canon, I spoke to the directly a few days ago, they most likely will honor international warranties, but they do have the right to refuse.
  7. The camera arrived at "simmon's Camera" at their Montreal, Canada location and I got a call from the Manager, Vince. He told me that the camera usually needs to be sent to Canon to have it looked at.
    He then explained that he was going to skip all the red tape and make an "executive decision" to have a new camera sent to me immediately. He further explained that if I had any more problems the camera carried a two year warranty, and I could send it to them at any time if I had any other problems.
    Incredible! I saved a ton of money on my 5D Mark II and got the best service I've ever had.

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