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  1. I recently bought an EOS 5D Mark II camera body from Calumet. The camera's files have a vertical line in the picture. It is in the middle and goes down around 1/3 of the frame. It is most noticeable on landscape pictures in the sky. I didn't notice it at first until I shot some landscapes. I now have gone back and looked at my files, it is present in all of them.
    I sent the camera to Canon's service center in Irvine California. After a week they returned it unrepaired saying "origin of problem not detected". I don't know if that means they acknowledge the problem and just couldn't fix it or couldn't find it. Anyway they should have replaced the camera if it can't be repaired. I called Canon's facility and told them that they didn't fix the problem. They apologized and told me to send them the camera again. I did and after two weeks I got the camera back. They stated "part replaced, camera meets factory specs, firmware updated, camera cleaned". The files still have the line in it and they actually gave me an older firmware version not an updated one. I don't know how a camera can have a line in the picture and meet factory specs. I did send them a print showing the line plus a CD with RAW files so I can't see how they couldn't see the problem.
    Now I have contacted Calumet to see if they can do something. I contacted Canon first because I thought that is what Calumet would have said in the first place. Calumet's response was to pass along my message to their Canon rep to see what he says. I am still waiting for a response. I would have thought that Calumet would have offered to replace the camera since it is flawed and Canon can't seem to fix it. I'm not sure what to do next. Calumet may come thru but I don't know.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have not heard of lines in the picture before. I feel let down by Canon. Has anyone else had problems with their service department?
  2. Maybe a dumb question but did you try a different lens?
  3. I have tried different lenses, CF cards, file formats, etc. The line is present in all files.
  4. David, that's a beautiful shot (despite the line). Where was it taken?
    If I were you, I wouldn't stop pestering Canon till they replaced my camera. Let us know how it goes.
  5. I would start with Calumet - you bought the camera from them and it is their responsibility to deal with Canon. Keep pushing them - this is not acceptable. The line is clearly visible! If Canon cannot fix it, then Calumt needs to exchange your camera.
  6. I didn't have this experience, but wow, that's terrible. I agree with Juergen to give Calumet a try. Escalate within Canon, too. This is 100% unacceptable.
  7. try looking inside your sensor, maybe it has that line visible with a loupe.
  8. Possibly a failing shutter? But it's odd that Canon couldn't find/fix that. Have you noticed it vary with shutter speed?
    If you can still return it for a refund, that might be the best option.
  9. It's just my guess, but I think the sensor array is defective and your camera will not be fixed until it is replaced, which is why Canon has failed to fix the problem in two tries.
    Calumet can only speak on your behalf. The real problem here is that the service center isn't doing their job. You need to escalate this with both parties because it's now been 3 weeks with a defective camera and you've taken every reasonable step to demonstrate the problem. This situation is completely unacceptable.
    If you had bought it within 30 days you should just return the camera, do a chargeback, and buy from somewhere else. Or at least threaten to do so. That should get someone to take notice. Or threaten with legal action. You were sold a defective product--a very expensive one; Canon has had two chances to rectify the problem, and now there are no excuses.
  10. David, you've taken a patient and thorough approach to this issue, and in two chances to remedy the problem Canon has failed.
    You'd think after the problems and recalls with the 1DMkIII and now the G10 that Canon would be ramping up its quality control and customer service. Seemingly not.
    I hope Canon comes through with an effective repair or a replacement camera for you soon.
  11. I'd worry about "Canon quality control" if there had been a lot of reports of this problem - but this is the first I've heard. This is how rumors get started and spin out of control. So let that one go, Brent.
    On the other hand, it really does appear - from the photo and from your report that this appears in all photos from this camera - that your unit has a problem. At a minimum it seems to me that Canon should replace the sensor assembly, but it also seems that Calumet should be your proxy for getting this taken care of at this point.
    Good luck resolving this issue.
  12. it sounds like canon has really dropped the ball.
  13. David. I'll only add and confirm what this looks like: a rare sensor flaw. You've been getting the runaround and Calumet owes you big time. Calumet should replace your camera now and then they deal with Canon as the problem is the defective camera and the problem therefore is owned by Canon.
    Super simple, don't know why no one is acting like a man or a pro and stepping up to do you right.
  14. Looks like a mark on the glass filter covering the CMOS. Perhaps the coating is uneven/defective.
  15. As an owner of the Canon 5D Mk II, had you registered your camera, you should have received the 'EOS Digital for Professionals' package that includes the following privileges:
    1. $100 voucher for out of warranty repair service.
    2. 3 (working) day turnarround time for Canon factory service center repairs.
    3. 20% discount on service and parts for Canon factory service repairs.
    4. Priority technical support.
    5. Exclusive email support address
    6. Automatic email notification of firmware and software updates.
    I think it's too late to ask Calumet for factory defective issues. You should either call the Canon priority techinacal support 1 (800) OK CANON or email to Canon exclusive email support eosdigitalsupport@cits.canon.com with your sample picture showing possible CMOS defective.
  16. Is there any possibility that the image file is being corrupted during the transfer from your camera (or card) to your computer? Have you tried downloading to a different computer. I admit this is unlikely to solve your problem, but it would be easy to try, and it would explain why Canon couldn't find the problem.
  17. I hat to say it, but the first thing I noticed in the picture was the line even before I read what the article was about. It's not just a line down the top middle, the exposure of the sky and the transition between the top of the mountains and the sky looks different on the right side after the line. That is unacceptable for an almost $3000 camera to be doing that. It almost looks like a Circular Polrizer filter but there would be a line like that just a change in exposure.
    I would definetly send it back AGAIN and highlight with a amarker where the problem is in your photos.
    Good Luck - PS I just ordered my Canon 5D Mark II from Adorma and sincerely hope I don't have this or any issues.
  18. I have had this problem, but not on a Canon. It was on a Nikon D50. It took quite some convincing at the camera shop to get them to beleive their was a line. I finally brought in a series of 10 photos taken on different lenses etc and showed them the same line in each.

    The issue was that the line wasn't showing up when they shot their "white wall" because it was only really obvious when over a dark area.

    They ended up sending the camera back to Nikon who replaced the sensor.

    Not sure if it is the way to go, but maybe you took the camera into a local dealer, and got them on your side (in other words believing there is a problem) then have that dealer send the camera back to Canon with a ticket, Canon may examine the issue more closely.

    It seems that people always have better luck getting repairs when going through a dealer than direct with the camera manufacturer.
  19. This really looks like a sensor problem. Canon 5D Mark II (like all FF cameras, I think) has stitched sensor chip, that is it's made from two smaller pieces of silicon. The line appears to be perfectly halving the image, which would suggest uneven sensitivity of the two parts. I think flaw like this is good reason to require replacement.
  20. David, can you post a 100% crop clearly showing the artifact?
  21. try this... take the camera back to calumet. but before you do record the serial number. then go to a different calumet or other retailer and buy the 5D Mark II again! Hopefully it wont have the same serial #... but if it does... your just the luckiest canon user of all time!
  22. Most retailers have a DOA policy which means they replace with new a product which fails within an initial period of time (ie. 30 dyas), suppliers hate this as the retailer then just returns the camera for a credit and it is then thier problem to fix or write it off.
    Not sure how you purchased it but some credit cards also offer you assurance if you have a problem with a product purchased.
    I only mention these solutions as it is often easier than getting a new camera fixed.
    When I bought my 5D MkII it had a large spot in he viewfinder but not on the image fortunately, Canon serviced it and told me it had been removed from the focussing screen, since then, every now and again it turns up again, anoying but how may times do you want them openng up your camera for repair. I wish I had just taken it back to the retailer and insisted on replacement for a new one but alas it is now too late.
  23. I think one of the ways corporations are dealing with the bad economy these days is borrowing a trick from the health insurance industry: refuse to do anything until you absolutely have to.
    Just the other day I bought an expensive item for my drumset, and a piece was missing from the box. The guy at the store calls the company rep, and the rep says, "there's no way that part was missing, it's impossible for the box to leave the factory without that part." Oh, so I'm a liar I guess, thanks for your help. Finally the store clerk pulled the missing part off the display model and gave it to me, and said, "I can't believe the way these company reps are behaving these days." Seems like a pattern...
  24. My guess is that the sensor is faulty.
  25. Calumet should handle it for you but if they don't or won't, I would suggest taking a pic of a dark grey solid area, making a print, sending the print along with the camera to Canon.
  26. Thanks for letting us know. I was thinking of getting one of that model. The camera should be returned. You can't expect Calumet to take a loss on it, they would have to sell 12 more of them just to pay for that one. But they should be able to get a replacement camera or sensor from Canon.
  27. Check with Calumet regarding their DOA/return policy. Many retailers have been forced to reduce the return period to less than 30 days (very often 10 or 14 days). Even if the camera is beyond Calument's grace period for returns, they may be willing to work as your advocate with Canon (this is especially true if you are a repeat Calument customer!). In the few times I've had new equipment failures, my local retailer has been able to work with the manufacturer to resolve the problem very quickly.
  28. Go back to Calumet, I have had very good customer service with them on my Nikons.
    I have delt with the San Diego store, that is an expensive camera, and am sure they will make it right...
    Good luck to you.......
  29. Calumet should sort it out. If they don't want to, tell them you'll shop elsewhere in future.
  30. hmmm this is not good at all! There is clearly a line. Your picture is beautiful by the way. This makes me want to seriously consider switching to Nikon.
  31. This may be a sensor testing problem. The problem shows up in a grey scale image (shade not white or black). If Canon only tests on a white or black screen- they will never see it.
  32. Thank you for all of your responses. I hate posting things like this on a forum because I don't want to start rumors about bad cameras. I believe my camera's problem is an isolated issue. It does need to be addressed though.
    I have tried all variables in shooting pictures: changing lenses, CF cards, batteries, shutter speeds, apertures, pictures modes, file formats, etc. the line shows up in all files. When I sent the camera to Canon I did send a printed photo (same as attached jpeg) with arrows pointing to the line. I also sent a CD with 10 different RAW files that show the line. I don't know how Canon cannot see the line. Also, thank you for the positive comments on the picture - it was taken at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado.
    As of now, Calumet says they can't take the camera back since it has been serviced by Canon. They are willing to ship it back to Canon on my behalf with a "Priority Service" label on it. Hopefully Canon will take notice this time.
    David Smith
  33. I am new to canon and DSLR's but not to customer service/ business relations. And as mentioned above the economy is a variable in cost/ benefit analysis, but luckily for you so does bad press.
    My suggestion is sending a brief email to both canon and Calumet re-explaining the situation, include a link to this thread, and finish by telling them that it is up to them how this issue ends and the press they will get from them.
    When dealing with businesses (especially customer service) email is KEY! Phone calls could be recorded but would you count on that? Keep record of all emails sent and received, as they are legal documents that hold up in the court of law. Like adobe pdf’s there is a lot more info recorded on ever email then you think.
    Beat them at their own game, and good luck!
  34. Good luck getting it fixed, the MkII is a fantastic camera and I hope you can get it sorted out so you can enjoy it. Pretty heartbreaking knowing what you have missed and will miss until it is fixed.
  35. Indeed, this looks very clearly like like unevenness in the two halves of the sensor array. Clearly faulty, and presumably sensor or electronics-after-the-sensor. Very disappointed on your behalf.
    Your experience is, I hope, not typical. As a pro Canon shooter with a 1D3 and a 1Ds3 I have some issues too (focus when wide open), but Canon Canada are doing what they can - which is not that much perhaps, they cannot redesign - but they are certainly trying to he[p.
    So while it may not be much help, at least rest assured that any other experiences will probably not be like this one. In the mean time, do you have a spare body?
  36. I have some good news to report. Calumet has agreed to send me a new replacement 5D2. Typically, their policy is not to accept returns after they have been sent into Canon for repair but they have made an exception this time. I think good communication thru e-mail was the key. They were willing to help and will get my return business. I do have a 50D (that I love) as a backup that I have been using in the mean time. I still am disappointed with Canon's service department though. I may join their Pro Service to see if that helps the next time I need a repair.
    David Smith
  37. Glad you got it sorted in the end, and I'm baffled at Canon not acknowledging the problem. I've only recently bought a 5D2 myself, and I'm thankful that i've had no such problem, especially since I didn't give it more than a quick once over before an expensive vacation in the US.
    Yours is a beautiful photo, and I'm relieved that it's not in Death Valley. I was there and I'd hate to think I'd missed that view!
  38. Way to go, Calumet! I hope that their good response is noted by people in this forum and elsewhere.
  39. Is there anywhere we can get data on repair problems of different makes of cameras? I'd really like to be able to compare brand to brand and model to model.
  40. The best numbers I am aware of cover lenses, not cameras - but still are interesting. Lensrentals.com makes their list public a couple times a year.
  41. I am so glad this worked out for you. Good on Calumet, for resolving this issue for you.
  42. I've heard of some legal expression: "reasonable expectation". The premise is if you purchase an item from a store, you have a contract with that store, that includes a reasonable expectation that the dang thing will work for a while. If it's Dead On Arrival, they are in breach of that conctract.
    It's just common sense for the Calumet to do the right thing, and good to see they did.
  43. David, I am glad to hear this worked out for you with Calumet. I was bitten by New Egg's 30 day policy about a year ago on a 5dmk1 body, I tried to resolve the issue with lots of testing with lenses and flash cards (I was in denial that a brand new $2200 body could be bad LOL). When I got set to return to new egg the policy was 30 days from invoice, so in effect more like 25-26 days. Canon fixed it quickly, although I would have preferred to have a different new body. In fact with my initial phone call to Canon tech support, one of the first questions the fellow asked was about returning to retailer for an exchange. Lesson learned, I now read and know return policies. Tom
  44. David, that's a good result. thanks for letting us know. I think that such an issue is a very isolated flaw (for now at least) and should not be seen out of the context of what it is - a rare flaw. I agree with G Dan Mitchell, let's keep things in perspective, at least as far as the camera goes. Regarding Calumet/Canon Service Centres, I think that's a discussion that should be separate from the one on the actual defect.
  45. I have had numerous issues with my 5D MkII...none with this line. However, I thought I'd just share that I saw this same problem over a year ago while working at a wedding chapel in Vegas. We shoot with quantum battery packs and 580 exIIs attached to the 5Ds... HOWEVER... after seeing this line we determined that the battery pack could not be actually placed on the camera flash bracket under the camera (these were the older quantums) because the sensors were picking up noise from them. When we started wearing the quantums on our hips, the line went away... just FYI.
  46. [​IMG]
    I buy new Canon 450d and after three weeks I see this, horinzotal line on my pictures. When I sent my camera to service(after 3days ), they told me sensor is problem and they will service with new sensor or after 30days, they don't fix it problem, give me a new camera.
  47. [​IMG][/IMG]
    I buy new Canon 450d and after three weeks I see this, horinzotal line on my pictures. When I sent my camera to service(after 3days ), they told me sensor is problem and they will service with new sensor or after 30days, they don't fix it problem, give me a new camera.

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