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  1. Hello everybody, this is my first post here :).
    I have a Canon 5d M2, I use it for touristic photography in the Caribbean mostly. It has already 200.000 actuations. However, the camera works great, but I'm afraid it will stop shutting anytime. I have never replaced the shutter, that's why.
    The sad truth is that I don't need a camera like that for the work I do (sand, water, heat), but I have used it for two years already. I have the chance to sell it. I need some advice. What should I do?, sell it and buy a cheap one, or just keep it and completely destroy it?. By the way, once the shutter is replaced, do you know if it can last another 200000 actuations?.
    Thank you in advance,
  2. The actuations count given in the specs is just an estimate, presumably based on testing. It is not a statement that the camera will self-destruct after it reaches that count. Even a shutter failure does not "completely destroy" a camera -- just have a new one put in and start over.
    With that kind of profligate shooting, you'd better stay away from cheap cameras, they might not take that kind of use (and are not intended to, either).
    Do you trade in your car after it goes out of warranty? Mechanical parts, unlike electronic will actually wear out, but who knows, your 5D Mkii may be like the old Mercedes that went for over 1,000,000 miles or some such.
  3. The 5D2 shutter is rated for 150000 actuations, so you certainly got your money's worth! In cases of extreme use they need an entire mirror box assembly RR, not merely a new shutter. If you sell it, it would be only fair to discount it with the repair and replacement as it is bound to have a short life. Although there are whispers of 5D2 shutters hitting 300,000 cycles. Probably a urban legend.
  4. Thank you very much for the answers!
    If i sell it, I will have to do it at half of the value, because not only the shutter is worn out but also the body is, anyway this camera gave me a lot, I love it, and yes I hope it will be like an old Mercedes :). What I truly know is that Canon did a great job with the M2 (at least with this one!).
    One more question. Do you know if I send it to Canon for service they can replace the grip's rubbers?.
    Thanks again
  5. Nicolas, replacing the shutter (US pricing) will most likely be around 400 bucks according to several posts I saw in a GIS. If that is more than you wish to spend on a replacement camera then sell it with the full acknowlegment in the ad of the shutter actuation count.
    But, if you are going to spend that kind of money on a new rig; why not fix the MK II? My guess is the replacement parts will last as long as the original.
  6. I'm with Mark on this, you will likely not get nearly anything as rugged for what you would spend on repair.
    Of course, if lots of other things are wrong with it, knobs falling off, grip rubber, etc., whatever, then you may need to bite the bullet and get a new one. Most of the time, the electronics should still be sound, so -- if you can get the cosmetics done too--well, a repair would be the cheapest path, probably.
    I doubt if you'd be happy with anything less than the 5DII; and, as I said, nothing less would likely do so much work for you for so long.
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    I do love the view that because you work in adverse conditions and use the camera a great deal, you don't need such a solid and high quality camera! They are exactly the reasons why you do need such a camera and if you've had 200 000 hassle- free activations with your camera then if you sell it my advice would be to get another just like it. In fact with your volume I'd repair the original, and keep it to use as a back-up, because I wouldn't want to take an average of 300 photographs a day, every day, without somewhere to go if my camera stopped working.
    And if you do sell rather than repair, I'm pleased to read that you intend to be open about the usage history. So many people aren't, even to the extent of passing off a faulty camera as in perfect working order.
    If you repair, you don't get the equivalent of a new camera. There will be other components and functions that are subject to wear and which won't be improved by replacing shutter or mirror box. I've had to have hand-held meters repaired and cellphones replaced because the buttons didn't work any more.
  8. I would suggest that whatever monies a 5D II owner would spend on fixing, PMS and updating his/her camera would be a far better value per dollar spent than buying a new lower line camera. Plus, he/she would still have the pleasure and performance ability that a 5D II provides.
    P.S. Nice to see that you are wanting to fully disclose your camera if you decide to sell. It is another reason that the chances of buying known quality used gear from a fellow photonetter are so much higher than on sleazy auction sites.
  9. Drive 'er till she drops.
    How many "keepers" out of 200,000 clicks?
  10. If I would be in the touristic photography business, I would have definately a 5DII spare camera in use, and not be worry about the shutter actuations!
  11. I have a Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 301,389 shot shutter count, and counting.
    The urban Legends are true.
    It shows no sign of breaking any time soon…(hopefully !!)
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    I have two 5dMK2s that are around 250,000 each. I have taken them to Canon and asked for the shutters to be checked and replaced if necessary. Canon always says they are totally fine, don't worry about it. I read somewhere those shutters are getting 750,000 with no problems, so I don't worry about it.

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