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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by j_nos_ruzsa, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. I have the newest 1.1.1 firmware on my 5d body, which I've bought as a used one.
    The battery life is too short, for the same battery much shorter, than with the former 30d. On teh net I've found, that it could be because the 1.1.1 firmware (somebody has the same problem after upgrade.
    Canon has the previous version no more on the site, all the links on the net are redirected to the new one :(
    Could somebody send me please an older one?
  2. Lithium ion batteries have a finite life. You probably just need to buy a new battery.
  3. It's not a FW problem. 5D files are much larger than your 30D and require additional processing, putting more strain on the CPU and write functions. So images per charge are less. Like Rob wrote, the batteries have a limited life. My 5D battery was only good for 70 or 80 images after a year. So I bought a new Sterlingtrek and it was back to normal (in fact a little better than the original battery)
  4. If the battery came with the used 5D, presume the battery is around 5 years old. It is almost toast as others have said. Do a search in the above field for "aftermarket BP-511A batteries" and read through a few testimonials on what others have recommended as food for thought.
  5. Yes, yes. Bigger pictures=more drain on battery even if new, at least in theory. Actually, with my 5D used together with a 20D, I don't usually have any problem shooting for a day, at least, without digging out the spare batteries for either. So I don't really have your problem and don't see much real world difference between battery life in the two cameras.
    Old batteries are not immortal, so try a new battery.
    If it persists with a new battery, maybe there's something else wrong such as some current drain somewhere, but I agree that it's unlikely to be the firmware. I too upgraded to the 1.1.1 and saw no differences in battery performance or life. I think it would be a mistake to de-grade the firmware.
  6. I get a few hundred shots out of a battery with liberal use of the LCD for histogram review and with running IS lenses. I have 1.1.1. I noticed no difference in battery consumption when I upgraded to 1.1.1 long ago.
    I doubt it's possible to downgrade to an earlier firmware version, even if you thought that would be useful. I, too, would suggest trying a new battery. Useful life for the things seems to be about 3 years, at least for me.
  7. Ah....
    I did forget to mention that I usually do have all my LCDs turned off by default. That probably makes a difference, doesn't it? Your experience may vary, as they say.
  8. If you just have the one battery, it could be reaching the end of its useful life. I bought a second battery (third party) for my used 5D and after a few months it would appear to charge quickly, but discharge just as quickly. after two of these "cycles" I noticed that there was some corrosion on the battery's contacts. After removing this, the battery functioned reasonably. So you may also want to check the contacts.
    I would not downgrade below 1.1.1 with the 5D, as the earlier firmware can not format CF cards larger than 8 GB.
  9. thanks for all of you.
    I tried the same battery with a 10d too. When 5d says low battery, for the 10d was ok (not for too many shots, thats true). Voltage: 8.1 volt.
    yesterday I talked with a Canon technician. in the service software they can adjust the level for the low battery sensing.
    But as the first step I ordered a new battery. Original Canon, from Hong Kong, for 14 USD (?!?!). In Hungary oficially would be 6x (!) more expensive.
  10. I have got even the older firmware, I installed it. No change in battery capacity.
    Anyway, I tried it :)

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