5D digital board failure .. disappointed.

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by richard_baker|1, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Fixation in London have told me my 5D mk1 needs a new digital board. Cost = £260 + VAT. This camera is naturally just out of its warranty and I'm, to say the very least .. very disappointed.
    I mention this to alert other users to its symptoms: Switch on and press Menu - nothing. Fire the shutter and you get the Menu ok but no image playback when selected in preferences. Leave the camera on and the Menu will re-appear after 20 seconds and stay on to eventually drain the battery if the body isn't switched off before you need it again so choosing the power saving is useless. I've carried on using this body for some months like this as I suspected it was going to be costly.
    Anyone out there experienced such a failure?
  2. How long out of warranty? If not too long I would talk to Canon. If they refuse to help, you still have your statutory rights which do not cease at 12 months like Canon's guarantee and expensive kit like a 5D should not be expected to fail so quickly. You could take them to the Small Claims Court if necessary provided your camera has not been demonstrably mistreated.
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  3. According to EC regulations there should be a 24 month warranty on equipment like cameras. This is not implemented in all countries, it is in Belgium but not in the Netherlands. This results in an interesting situation whereby the same shop gives you 1 yr warranty in the Netherlands and 2 yrs in Belgium. I don't know what the UK situation is but IMO it is worth checking your exact rights.
    You wrote "just out of warranty", later you state that you used it for some months before taking action. Perhaps it would've been better to have taken immediate action because now it is 2 months longer out of warranty making the discussion more difficult.
  4. Weren't there coupons out there from Canon for the 5D that gave you a $200US discount on 5D repairs?
  5. Upon checking more thoroughly, this body was bought just under two years ago and it's the more recent that's ok. But I may also check with Canon and report back.
  6. > According to EC regulations there should be a 24 month warranty on equipment like cameras.
    That isn't actually correct, and a common myth, I believe. The 24 months is a limitation period, not an actual warranty. And in the UK you've got a 6 year limitation period, which is actually longer than the EC regulations. This is the period you've got as a consumer to notify the seller that your product had an inherent fault at time of delivery. That's not a straightforward thing to prove, and it's not the same thing as a warranty.
    However, I'm not a lawyer, and don't offer legal advice. If you want to look into this, feel free to look at some of the legislation online. :)

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