5D and Sigma 20/1.8 compatibility

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mike dixon, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone has direct experience using the new 5D body
    with a Sigma 20/1.8 lens. Any compatibility issues with this
    particular combination?

    [I did a search before posting and found nothing directly relevant.
    I'm ordering the equipment online, then picking it up when I'm back in
    the States for Christmas, so trying it out first at a camera shop
    isn't a viable option.]
  2. hey Mike...well, I own the Sigma 20mm f/1.8 but alas I have the 20D. Works great on that cam. Now if you want to send me the 5D you get, I'll be glad to try it out for ya ;o)
  3. Sorry, I don't have a 5D but it works fine with my 1DsII, 20D and 10D. I'm pretty sure that if you had problems that Sigma would re-chip it since it's a relatively new lens with the "DG" designation. (For digital cameras) - but I doubt you'd have problems.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses, guys (and such a gracious offer, TS!). It sounds like the combination should function. If it doesn't, I'll have time to send the lens back and get something else, but if I get negative reports, I'll save myself the trouble. I still welcome reports from 5D users . . .
  5. It sounds like the combination should function.
    Indeed it should. If the lens is new (i.e. was manufactured in the last year) then it is reasonable to assume it will work without problem. The complaints on Sigma incompatibility problems dropped considerably in the last year.
    Happy shooting,
  6. I have yet to see any confirmed incompatibility reports with the 5D and 3rd party lenses. Maybe someone should try testing with an older (pre 2000) Sigma to test the boundaries.
  7. Mike

    I have a Canon 5D and Sigma 20mm f1.8. The combination works without a problem.
  8. Thanks for the additional replies, especially Steve!
  9. I have this combo as well....no problems.

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