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  1. Hi, After way to much thought I am just about to purchase a 10-22 for my 40D ( rebates yaaaa ) . I currently have nothing wider then the
    24-105. Now I am thinking would it make more sense to just get a used 5D? or wait a bit and see how low they go new? I have seen them
    for under $1300 used.

    The one advantage of a 5D would be making my 24-105, 70-200 and 50 1.4 a bit wider as well and I probably would not need any more

    I am probably leaning toward just getting the lens since its cheaper but I am curious to get some others opinions.

  2. Where do you see going in the future? If your path leads you to a FF camera in the future, then I would rather get the 5D, instead of the EF-S lens. The 5D will also give you better IQ than the 40D does (I have both). The disadvantage is shooting long lenses - you lose the crop factor - although that is not really that big of an issue because you can always crop from the 5D image and still get the same results as with the 40D. The AF and FPS of the 40D are certainly better than the 5D - you need to determine what is more important for you. 5D prices will come down as soon as the 5DII starts shipping. GAS will set in and current 5D owners will want to sell their 5Ds to finance the 5DII.
  3. Hi Tommy,

    I have the ef-s 10-22 and its an amazing lens. Very sharp and beautiful colors all the time. The 24-105 is also
    an amazing lens, but on a 40d body 10-22 is best for wide angle photography and much cheaper choice. If you go
    the 5d route you will be tempted to buy the 16-35 2.8 or 17-40, which is more or less the equivalent to the 10-22
    on a 40d.
  4. Tommy,

    I would go for the 5D if I were you. That way your 40D becomes an excellent back up body - you get essential
    redundancy and the flexibility of having both crop and full frame bodies. You get the DOF advantages of full frame and
    with the 40D retain the extra pixels on target for long lens work.

    Also, if at any point in the future you go full frame and have the EF-S 10-22mm lens (excellent lens though it is), you
    will not be able to use that lens on your new body,

    Just my 2c worth, but I am sure whichever route you choose, you will be very happy.
  5. I just bought the 10-22mm. I'm sorry I missed the rebate but I don't miss the hassle. The lens is fantastic, the best wide angle out there for a small sensor camera. I'm using it on the 40D and XSi. Take a look at this guy and the way he uses his 10-22mm. http://www.photosig.com/go/photos/view?id=2235369&forward=browse Even Ken Rock says the Canon 10-22mm is the best of the bunch. http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/1022.htm My 17-40mm is waiting until next spring when the 5D II price starts to come down. Even then I will keep and continue to use the crop cameras just because of the 10-22mm and the 17-55mm lenses. They're that good.
  6. I love my recently acquired 5D and its full frame sensor. My 24-70 and 70-200 are amazing on the full frame body. After using a borrowed 5D the field of view on my cropped camera body left me thinking I was looking through a tunnel. I bought the 5D the next week. The sensor has much less noise than my 20D and overall image quality is much better.

    Of course I have started to drool over the 5D MKII. I could have used that HI ISO feature in the soccer game I just shot. And, a little HD video never hurt.
  7. Thanks all, I think either way will work fine for me. I decided if I get a 5D 1, I would go new so depending on the price of the
    5D1, I really would not pay more then $1500. Otherwise I may just get a 10-22 and wait til next year ( i am a cubs fan so I
    am used to this ) and get a 5D2 then when it comes down a bit.

    I have used a 5D a few times and I really like the full frame sensor and your right David it makes me feel like I am looking
    through a tunnel on my 40D now.

    The rebates are on until the Jan so I guess I waited this long I can wait a bit longer.
  8. Hi Tommy

    Why not get a 17-40 f/4L? That way you'd have a normal zoom for the 40D and a wide angle zoom for the 5D. The
    difference between 17mm and 24mm is significant.

    Cheers, Bob
  9. If you are concerned with getting a wide angle then for the 40D the Canon 10-22 is the obvious choice. However if you decide to go for a Canon 5D camera then the equivalent wide angle would be to get the Canon 17-40 L to go with the 5D.

    So - just getting the 10-22 is the cheapest way to get the quality of coverage you are after. .
  10. Tokina just put out a 11-16 F2.8 super wide angle lens, I don't how good it is, but you might want to look into it. One of the peeves I have against the 10-22 although don't get me wrong, it's a very good lens, is that it is only a 3.5/4.5 which forces you to boost the ISO in close//tight dimly lit areas, which is one of the reasons I bough the lens for.
  11. I know that people rave over the 10-22, but I am not a fan. It really looses depth at the wide end and people on the edges look like card-board cut outs - I do a fair amount of street shooting. If I understand correctly, this is an inevitable characteristic of such a wide angle lens. I have an older 20-35L f/2 which I really liked on my film cameras ; To me the results with that combination were much better than the 10-22 on my 20D. Even with the 20D, I grab the 20-35 much more than the 10-22 even though it is not as wide.<P>
    So, for myself, I am waiting to get a full frame camera to get back to real wide angle shooting. If you can afford it (potentially a big if), I think FF with a good wide angle would be the way to go.
  12. I was faced with this same scenario. I was anticipating the release of the new 5D MKII but did not want to wait until they released it (good
    thing because the ended up releasing it some months after it was expected) I sold a bunch of my equipment and got a second 40D and the
    10-22. I now feel complete- it was the wide angle I had been missing. I wish it were a 2.8 but to be honest since it is a wide angle it
    inherently has greater DOF anyway. I use it all the time for weddings and it has performed flawlessly. Now with the huge sensor of the new
    5D Mk II I am glad I ended up going with the 10-22, who needs files that big anyway?
  13. get the 17-40, I had both ( 10-22) and 17-40 looks much better with the 5D than 10-22 with the 40D
  14. I wouldn't place any bets on 5D getting to $1,500 new in the box. Very few legit dealers have it in inventory. B&H is one and they're at $2199. The current map price on it is $2100. I think your best option is buy the 10-22mm with current instant cash off rebate and you're done. Later when you deicide to go with 5D II after predictable price drops you'll likely get most of your purchase cost out of 10-22mm when you sell it used.

    Tommy DiGiovanni said:

    Thanks all, I think either way will work fine for me. I decided if I get a 5D 1, I would go new so depending on the price of the 5D1, I really would not pay more then $1500.
  15. I think 24 would be wide enough for me so if I go 5D I would probably not go any wider, at least not for a while. I think
    since I waited this long I can go a bit longer ( at least until the holidays ) and see what happens.

    I labored over this decision for a while because I am not a fan of the EF-S lenses and on the wide end it gets pretty slow
    and I really enjoy faster lenses because I mostly shoot indoors and I most often shoot people.

    So we'll see if the 5D1 stays around 2k I wont get a 5D.

    Thanks for all the good advice.
  16. If you are thinking of going full frame the 17-40mm F4 is a great lens and is a similar price the the 10-22. I have had this lens for some time and it performs well. I am thinking about selling it and buying the 16-35mm F2.8 as all of the rest of my EF zooms are the F2.8 variety. Do not take this as any critisicm of the 17-40. While more expensive in the short term (as you do not have a FF body) it may result in longer term savings as I think that for serious use the market may move back towards full frame. APS-C was partly a limitation due to the cost of sensors but it appears that this problem is being solved as full frame is starting to move down towards $2000. Full frame cameras offer better high ISO performance and in my opinion are nicer to use. My experience of digital is limited to the kids rebel but my EOS1Vs are essentially the same body as the EOS1Ds (excluding the display) and I find them easier to hold and use and they have a dramatically better viewfinder.
  17. there are a few reviews up on the Tokina 11-16 2.8, looks like a very good alternative, especially with the increased speed.
  18. "So we'll see if the 5D1 stays around 2k I wont get a 5D"

    Tommy, I think it would be short sighted to hinge your decision on $100~$200. Decide what camera you *want*, if the price is reasonable, get it. There are numerous advantages to the 5D (I of II), and a few downsides as well.

    I went the 10-22 with crop body route, first, and *then* got a 5D. I have the 24-70 and the 24-105. I think you'll find 24mm on full frame sufficient for *most* shots. It's way too wide for some situations. Once in a while I need a bit wider than 24, but not that often. Funny: the 24-105's 24 is a bit *wider* than the 24-70's 24. I usually use the 24-70.

    24mm on full frame equates to 15mm on crop. Speaking in "crop", that zone from 15mm to 10mm is *extreme* wide: Useful in some shots, and a lot of fun, but often overkill. It is adictive though. If you have someone in the peripheral of frame at 10mm it is not very flattering, makes them look very chunky and wide.
  19. edit: "(I of II)" should read "(I or II)"
  20. I suggest a 5D. Image quality is superb. Then, if you want to get REALLY wide, you can plop on a Sigma 12-24, which has no overlap of your 24-105.


  21. Adorama has refurbished by Canon 5D I's right now for $1,800.00 shipped.
  22. $1800 reburb 5D ouch!

    On June 26th I bought brand new 5D for $1,749.95

    Did I need it? No but I recognized $1750 was a heck of a deal.

    If it were me I'd wait for 5D Mark II new in the box. Should be everywhere by Christmas 2008 and with Nikon's
    persistent D700 price drops I guess canon will shed issue price too. Best credible price I've seen for D700 is $2569,
    down $ 430 since issue. Anyone else notice 50D is already down $100 off issue and its not even instock everywhere

  23. I agree $1800 for a refurb is crazy. Ill wait until the holidays, If the price is right for a 5D I'll go that route, if not I will just
    consider a 5D2
  24. So my current set up is 40D with 24-105 f4, 70-200 2.8 50 1.4 and 100 2.8 macro.

    I would say I shoot about 70% people, 20% outdoors street etc and 10% macro or other various. So with 24mm being
    my widest lens and I most often shoot people indoors which would be practical for me? I think for now I will just go with a
    wider lens and maybe I'll move to a 5D2 next year.

    So which of the 3 would suit me best?

    1. Canon 10-22

    2. Tamron 17-50 2.8

    3. Tokina 11-16 2.8

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