580EX owners I have a question about the catch light panel

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kraig_cuddeford, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. I recently received my 580EX and I'm wondering what direction the
    diamond pattern textured side of the catch light panel is facing on
    YOUR 580EX. Mine is facing up, which to me seems like it wouldn't
    serve any purpose. Could this be an assembly error?
  2. While I don't have the 580EX, the one on my 550EX also faced up. The reason is that you point the flash to the ceiling or wall and most light will be bounced from there. Small amount will be directed towards the subject thereby eliminating unwanted shadows.

    Summery: It seems normal.

    Happy shooting,
  3. les


    Don't know about 580: but on my 550 is is facing the other way (with the panel pulled out and covering the front of the flash the diamond pattern is inside e.g. the outer surface of the panel is smooth.
    I do not think that it would make much of a difference though: the important thing is the pattern which scatters the light.
  4. I'm talking about the white card that pulls out with the flip down wide pannel. One side of the white card is smooth, the other side has a shiny diamond texture. On mine the textured side faces away from the flash head. Doesn't seem right.
  5. I'm sure the white card in your 580EX is assembled correctly. When using it as a catchlight panel with the flash head pointing straight up at the ceiling, the smooth side of the white panel will reflect maximum light towards the subject's face.

    Perhaps the fact that one side of the white panel is textured was designed that way to facilitate proper assembly.
  6. dk.


    I have the 580Ex too, and mine is the same as yours smooth side facing the flash head and textured side away from the flash head,
    So I think you have nothing to worry about and it is the way it is supposed to be.

    Take care.

  7. Kraig: mine is same as yours, so it is normal.
  8. Ahh-haa, so they're all assembled wrong then.

    Factory workers these days! :)
  9. yep, just checked mine...it's the same. Smooth side facing flash...

  10. don't you think it makes more sense to flip it over, so that the diamond textured side will catch MORE light and bounce it forwards or is it just supposed to be something to make the glare in someones eye stand out more? Also the smooth side sucks up fingerprints and looks ugly and just keeps getting worse and looses it's matte finish quickly if you handle it without gloves.
  11. My smooth side is on the flash side. It does not appear to be enough of a pattern to change the light significantly. Maybe it has the texture so you can grab it easier with your fingers.
  12. I just got my 580EX and the "diamond" side is facing the flash on mine. My finger is touching the diamond side in this pic. So if I have read everyone else's posts correctly, mine is the opposite!
  13. Thats the wide angle panel your touching. I was talking about that white card you have sticking out there, apears your's is smooth side down, but it looks more reflective compared to what is on mine. Mine is matte finished, almost chalky on one side, with a textured reflective surface on the other side.
  14. Whoops... I guess I should read more carefully. You are correct that the smooth side of the catch light panel is facing down on mine. :)

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