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  1. I recently acquired (a gift) a 55mm Micro-Nikkor 3.5 ser #897XXX.
    I've accumulated a large number of things in another system and am
    quite naive about things Nikon..... While snooping around the net and
    eBay pictures, etc., I noticed that my lens has a pk-3 marking on it
    and the info I've found so far seems to be regarding the coupled
    extension that goes by this name. Is that extension only fully
    compatible with pk-3 lenses? Is there a definite range of bodies I
    should avoid for correctly functioning with this variation of this
    lens? I use hand-held metering and calculated macro settings, so I'll
    likely look for a cheap body without a working meter to play with this
    a bit.

    Sorry if this subject is a worn out one in here but I didn't readily
    find the answers to my questions just now. Thanks.
  2. OK your lens is the very last non-AI model identical to my AI in cosmetics (black barrel, rubber focusing ring with rectangular pattern etc) The PK-3 is a 27.5mm extension tube designed to couple with the non-AI system (the rabbit ears). The tube allows the lens to reach 1:1 magnification and the line of focus distance markings are accurate for that tube. I presume that you have a non-AI Nikon body to use it with. (otherwise be careful you can damage stuff)
    Now many of these late model non-AI lenses were converted, some by the Nikon service people. These look and function exactly like my factory AI lens. If by chance you have a converted lens, you need the PK-13 extension tube which is identical except its designed for the AI system. You can use this lens on any Nikon body without fear of damage if its converted.
    If you don't understand how to tell, see here.
  3. Mine has the solid ears so is the non-AI. One of the things that confused me was the PK-3 marking on the lens barrel just above the ft/m label? I noticed a picture of a similar lens when I was searching that said PK with no numeral. What do these variations indicate? I have the lens only and no tube btw. Thanks for the good info link!
  4. No look for the meter coupling ridge or lack thereof. My AI also has the ears for backwards compatability, as do all manual focus Nikkors.

    The PK-3 marking is just telling you that the focus marks are for the 27.5mm tube. Put a 57.5mm tube on there and they become meaningless (they are pretty much useless anyhow).
  5. "Is that extension only fully compatible with pk-3 lenses?" --Craig Schroeder

    No, PK-3 is the designation for a pre-AI extension tube designed for use with Pre-AI, 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor(s). Here is more information...


    "I use hand-held metering and calculated macro settings, so I'll likely look for a cheap body without a working meter to play with this a bit." --Craig Schroeder

    You can probably get a fully functional Nikkormat FTn for around $115.00. If you don’t want to use the meter leave the batteries out. The camera uses mercury batteries not available in some countries like the US. There are expensive replacements. The shutter is fully mechanical. You can do the same thing with Nikon F2(s), etc. I suggest a Nikon F2 with a non-functional DP-1 finder for this lens and the PK-3 tube. You can also use the M2 tube if you don't need to use a meter. The M2 tube fits newer camera like the FM2n and FE2 as well as the Nikon F back to 1959 The M2 tube in excellent or ex + condistion is $11.00 at...

    KEH.com New and Used Nikon Manual Focus



    PS: sorry about typos. Posting is really dicey just now.

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